Network Airline Management Bolsters B747-400F Freighter Fleet

A Network Aviation Group (NAM) Boeing 747F freighter is loaded.
Photo Credit: Network Aviation Group

Network Airline Management (NAM) has taken a significant step towards solidifying its cargo transport capabilities by expanding its long-standing partnership with Air Atlanta Icelandic (AAI).

This strategic move involves the addition of two brand new B747-400F production freighter aircraft to NAM’s fleet.

The new freighters are anticipated to enter service progressively this year. The first aircraft will arrive in the latter part of Q3 2024.  Following that, the second aircraft will then be inducted to NAM’s fleet at the beginning of Q4.

This acquisition marks a shift towards a more uniform fleet for NAM, as the company plans to retire its last remaining B747-400BDSF converted freighter later this year.

Boeing B747-400F Nose Door Configuration

The resulting fleet will exclusively consist of four B747F nose door aircraft.

Commenting on the development, Jonathan Clark, CEO of Network Aviation Group, highlighted the alignment between the new acquisitions and NAM’s business strategy.

“The B747-400F nose door aircraft, with their superior payload capacity and convenient nose door loading system, are a perfect fit for NAM’s flexible business model,” Clark explained.

“These features provide the ideal platform to handle oversized cargo for both our scheduled flights and worldwide charter services.”

Emphasizing NAM’s commitment to the long-term partnership, Andy Leslie, Group Chairman, also gave comment.

“The addition of these aircraft underscores our dedication to working collaboratively with AAI as we pave the way for our future transition to B777F aircraft.”

Baldvin M. Hermannsson, CEO of Air Atlanta Icelandic echoed the positive sentiment. “We are delighted to further solidify our relationship with Network Airline Management,” Hermannsson remarked.

“Network’s exceptional performance and professionalism over the years give us great confidence in the success of this continued collaboration.”

Air Atlanta Icelandic (AAI)

Air Atlanta Icelandic (AAI) is a prominent player in the air cargo industry. It specializes in charter and ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) services.

Established in 1986 and headquartered in Iceland, AAI boasts a well-established reputation. It provides airlines around the world with additional passenger and cargo capacity solutions.

AAI’s expertise lies in offering a versatile fleet specifically tailored to air freight needs. Air Atlanta Icelandic has carved a niche for itself as a Boeing 747 specialist.

The carrier operates a fleet consisting primarily of different Boeing 747 variants, including passenger and cargo configurations. This allows them to cater to diverse cargo requirements, from standard-sized freight to oversized or outsize pieces.

AAI functions in a unique space within the air cargo market. They partner with airlines seeking temporary boosts in capacity or needing specific aircraft for cargo transportation.

This flexibility makes them a valuable asset for airlines navigating seasonal fluctuations, operational disruptions, or the transport of specialized cargo.

In addition to its core business, AAI has also expanded its reach by establishing Air Atlanta Europe, a subsidiary based in Malta. This strategic move

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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