NATS ATC: Ryanair Dubs Report “Factually Inaccurate”

NATS ATC: Ryanair Dubs Report "Factually Inaccurate"
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource
By James Field - Editor in Chief 3 Min Read
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Ryanair has come out this week and dubbed the report released by NATS on the UK ATC failure as “factually inaccurate”.

The Irish low-cost carrier has rejected the findings, stating that NATS hasn’t explained properly why one inaccurate flight plan brought down the entire system.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Ryanair CEO: NATS Report “Factually Inaccurate”…

NATS ATC: Ryanair Dubs Report "Factually Inaccurate"
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource


Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary produced a lengthy statement on the NATS report:

“This Preliminary NATS Report is factually inaccurate. It ridiculously understates the number of flights that were cancelled or delayed through the NATS system failure on Mon 28th Aug last.”

“In Ryanair’s case, we suffered over 370 flight cancellations (over 63,000 passengers), and more than 1,500 flight delays over the 2 days (Mon & Tues over 270,000 passengers delayed).”

“This whitewash report, which understates the number of flights cancellations and flight delays, fails to explain why 1 inaccurate flight plan brought down not just the NATS ATC system, but also the backup system.”

“NATS should explain why its backup system failed, and what they are doing to introduce an effective backup system, rather than the rubbish they have at the moment.”

“They should also explain why their 2nd line engineering team was sitting at home (operating “remotely to reduce travel time”), instead of being on site and on the job.”

“Finally, we do not accept NATS claim that it is “not within remit” to provide cost reimbursement to customers. Ryanair pays NATS almost €100m p.a. for an ATC service that is repeatedly short staffed and on the 28thAug, collapsed altogether.”

“The least NATS could and should do is to reimburse its airline customers for the tens of millions of pounds they have spent reimbursing passengers for their hotel, meals and transport expenses, which were entirely due to NATS system failure, and NATS backup system failure on Mon 28th Aug last.”

“If NATS fail to reimburse its customers for these expenses, then Secretary of Transport Mark Harper should intervene (as the largest shareholder in NATS), and instruct NATS to reimburse NATS airline customers for these right to care expenses.”

“This Report, which is full of false figures about flight cancellations and delays, and avoids any explanation of why NATS backup system failed so spectacularly will not solve this problem unless NATS accepts responsibility for its incompetence and reimburses airlines and passengers for the avoidable right to care expenses they suffered due to NATS failure on Mon 28th Aug last.”

All eyes are now on NATS and the UK Government to see what the next response will be.

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