More Seats On Offer for Thanksgiving Flights This Week

More Seats On Offer for Thanksgiving Flights This Week
Photo Credit: Business Wire.

According to Cirium, it is understood that there will be seven per cent more seats expected on Thanksgiving flights this week.

This period of the year is expected to be busier for the celebratory period taken in the United States.

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More Seats On Offer for Thanksgiving This Week…

More Seats On Offer for Thanksgiving Flights This Week
Photo Credit: Business Wire.


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The data from the analytics firms suggests that there will be more than 3,000,000 seats and 22,000 flights on offer for November 26.

It is understood also that the major U.S carriers will fly seven per cent more seats during the Wednesday-Sunday of Thanksgiving week compared to the same period last year, which means more flights.

On top of this, international travel will grow in that period, with seats from the U.S to the Caribbean increasing 14%.

Furthermore, travel between the U.S & Europe will have 12% more seats on offer compared to 2022’s period as well.

Operational performance is expected to remain strong based on what Cirium had said prior to the Thanksgiving period:

“The 11 major U.S. airlines have had strong operational performance in November 2023 (to November 16, 2023) with an average on-time performance of 86.28%.”

“A flight is considered on-time when it arrives before 14:59 of its scheduled arrival time, commonly known in the airline industry as “A14.””

“November’s performance to date bodes well for travelers in the U.S. in advance of this coming Thanksgiving holiday period.”

All eyes will be on what performance will look like for this holiday period, as well as whether there is more scope to add additional seats in the same period for 2024.

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