Montreal Canadiens announce Air Canada as Official Jersey Partner

A Montreal Canadiens away jersey with Air Canada logo.
Photo by Vitor Munhoz/Club de hockey Canadien

The Montreal Canadiens and Air Canada have announced a multi-year jersey partnership agreement, which will see the Air Canada logo featured on Canadiens away jerseys worn on the road throughout the duration of the partnership.

In a move that resonates with over four decades of shared heritage, the Montreal Canadiens and Air Canada have officially declared a multi-year jersey partnership this week.

This association will grace the Canadiens’ away jerseys, featuring the prominent Air Canada logo on the jerseys worn during away games, marking the latest step in the history of both iconic brands.

A Heritage of 40 Years

The announcement solidifies a partnership that has thrived for more than 40 years, encapsulating the essence of two entities deeply rooted in Montreal’s cultural fabric.

France Margaret Belanger, President of Sports and Entertainment at Groupe CH, expressed her excitement, stating, “It’s a privilege for us to have a longstanding relationship with Canada’s national carrier in Air Canada.”


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As the official carrier of the Canadiens, Air Canada plays a crucial role in seamlessly moving players from city to city. Now, this connection takes center stage on the ice, showcasing the Air Canada brand during every away game in NHL markets across North America.

Mark Nasr, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Digital at Air Canada, remarked, “As the Official Airline of the Montreal Canadiens, Air Canada is deeply passionate about our relationship with the organization and its devoted fans throughout Quebec and across North America.”

Patching Excellence

A noteworthy addition to the Canadiens’ away jerseys comes in the form of the Air Canada patch. This addition aligns with the NHL’s Jersey Advertising Program, introduced last season.

The patch, featuring the Air Canada name and the iconic rondelle (the red maple leaf enclosed in a circle), will be prominently displayed on the upper right chest area of the official away white jerseys.

The debut of this emblematic patch coincides with the Canadiens’ game against the Anaheim Ducks in Anaheim, California.

Impacting the Community

This partnership extends its reach beyond the confines of the hockey arena, promising positive outcomes for the greater Montreal community.

At the end of each season throughout the agreement’s duration, the Air Canada Foundation and the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation will collaborate to auction off a set of game-worn road jerseys.

The proceeds from these auctions will directly benefit local children’s charities, aiming to inspire access to the game of hockey for young Canadiens fans.

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