Monarch Airlines Alters Branding From Crown to Modern Look

Monarch Airlines Alters Branding From Crown to Modern Look
Photo from the Monarch website.

The new Monarch Airlines has altered its branding from the Crown M to a more modern look, as the ramp-up in getting back in the air continues.

The old Monarch logo.
Monarch Airlines Alters Branding From Crown to Modern Look
Screenshot from the Monarch website of the new graphic!

They have also changed the look of the website from the basic text to something slightly more colourful whilst the main site is being built.

On that site, it says “We’re working hard to create a brand new Monarch”, and pays homage to the carrier’s history, which has been since 1968.

Monarch Airlines Comments on New Branding via Social Media…
Monarch Airlines Alters Branding From Crown to Modern Look
Source: The Monarch Website.


On their social media, Monarch Airlines said the following:

“Our new brand and website are being rolled out as we usher in a new era for one of the UK’s favourite travel brands.”

“Follow @letsmonarch and keep an eye on to stay updated with the new Monarch.”

The carrier has been working full steam ahead in the progression of restarting this brand, and this has consisted of many things so far.

Timeline of the New & Improved Carrier So Far…

Picture from the first iteration of the Monarch website.

AviationSource was first to break the story courtesy of @SPD_Travels on Twitter, which at first gave very basic information in what was going on.

The airline also mentioned that they are looking to be back in the air by 2024, showing how quickly they want to get the ball rolling.

From there, it was confirmed that funding had been secured by backers based in Luxembourg, and that discussions on leasing aircraft were underway, with the airline looking to secure up to 15 units to begin with, and expect to be A319 and A320 aircraft.

The carrier stands firm and ready to take on the likes of TUI & Jet2, with Chairman Daniel Ellingham saying the following to AviationSource in an interview:

“Jet2 and TUI both aim for very specific segments of the UK market, and for the large part have overlooked some of the most successful routes and destinations previously served by Monarch.”

“Our focus will be on re-entering these specific markets, whilst also angling for a more premium (yet affordable) approach. We will also focus on sustainability in many of our areas of business.”

On which airports they will operate out of, he said this to us at the time:

“Discussions with various airports are either ongoing or yet to begin in ernest, so it would not be wise for me to comment on specific bases at this stage.”

What remains clear is that this new branding represents another exciting milestone for the carrier, and all eyes are on Monarch to see what comes next moving forward.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 4 Min Read
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