Marathon Airlines expands Pool Program Agreement for seven E-Jets

A Marathon Airlines Embraer E-Jet in flight.
Photo Credit: Embraer

Brazilian aerospace company Embraer has signed a contract amendment with Marathon Airlines, a Greek carrier, to include an additional two E195 E-Jets in its Pool Program.

This contract expansion bolsters engineering and maintenance support that Marathon Airlines receives for a wide range of repairable components.

Marathon Airlines and the Pool Program

Marathon Airlines initiated their Pool Program contract with Embraer last year with the introduction of their first E175 aircraft into the program.

Since then, their fleet has experienced steady growth, with a total of seven E-Jets now benefiting from this mutually beneficial arrangement. The expanded fleet now comprises three E175s, one E190, and three E195s.

Embraer’s Pool Program is an essential component of Marathon Airlines’ strategy for maintaining the reliability of their E-Jets.


This program, designed to optimize aircraft operations, has been instrumental in ensuring timely and cost-effective maintenance support.

Stakeholder Comments

“The Embraer Pool Program has been essential for our E-Jets’ reliable operation, and we look forward to enhancing our partnership with Embraer,” said Andreas Kaiafas, CEO of Marathon Airlines.

Marathon Airlines, like many other carriers, is experiencing rapid business expansion. Their commitment to providing excellent service to their customers necessitates an efficient and cost-effective approach to maintenance.

Embraer’s Pool Program offers the best-in-class support, reducing costs and providing global reach.

Carlos Naufel, CEO and President of Embraer Services & Support, expressed his enthusiasm for the growing partnership, stating, “Marathon is expanding its businesses at a fast pace, and we are very pleased to be part of this journey.”

“Embraer offers the best-in-class support with the Pool Program, reducing costs while providing global reach. We will keep working every day with Marathon to maintain high performance and readiness for their fleet.”

Embraer Technical Expertise

Embraer’s extensive technical expertise and vast component services network have been pivotal in supporting airlines worldwide.

Their unique approach to aircraft maintenance results in significant savings in repair and inventory carrying costs, a reduction in warehousing space requirements, and efficient resource management for repair operations.

Furthermore, their services are designed to guarantee high performance levels, ensuring that the aircraft remain in excellent condition.

Embraer Services & Support offers a diverse portfolio of competitive solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. This extensive support is crucial for the growing fleet of Embraer aircraft worldwide.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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