Mangaluru Airport Sees 12.5% Passenger Growth in FY2023-24

Exterior view of Mangaluru Airport frontage.
Photo Credit: Mangaluru Airport

Mangaluru International Airport is experiencing a boom, exceeding expectations in key growth areas for the financial year 2023-2024.

This surge mirrors the robust recovery of the aviation industry worldwide following the pandemic’s disruption.

The airport achieved its highest passenger volume and air traffic movements (ATMs) since its commercial operations began.

Passenger Growth Takes Off

Passenger numbers for FY 2023-2024 reached an impressive 20,18,796, a significant increase of 12.5% compared to the previous year’s 17,94,054.

Domestic travel witnessed a particularly strong rise, with a 16.5% increase to 14,08,300 passengers. International travel also saw healthy growth, with 6,10,496 passengers, representing a 4.2% rise year-on-year.

Exterior view of Mangaluru International Airport
Photo Credit: Mangaluru International Airport

ATMs Witness Upward Trajectory

Air traffic movements (ATMs) followed a similar growth trajectory. FY 2023-2024 saw 15,113 ATMs, a 4.4% increase from the previous year’s 14,475.

Notably, general aviation, including chartered flights, surged by a remarkable 37.7%, with 365 flights handled – a 100-flight increase compared to FY 2022-23.

Impressive Domestic ATM Growth

Despite challenges faced by airlines operating at the airport, domestic ATMs still achieved an impressive growth of 11.7%.

This highlights the strong demand for domestic travel from Mangaluru. Interestingly, the increase in international passengers occurred despite a decrease in overseas ATMs.

Record-Breaking Month for Passengers and ATMs

December 2023 marked a significant milestone for both domestic and international travel. The airport handled a record-breaking 2.03 lakh passengers, the highest ever recorded in a single month since its inauguration. Similarly, March 2024 saw a record 1550 ATMs, surpassing all previous monthly highs.

Airport signage for Mangaluru International Airport
Photo Credit: Mangaluru International Airport

Boost from ATR Deployment and New Connectivity

The deployment of ATR aircraft by an airline on the Bengaluru-Mangaluru route is a significant contributing factor to the rise in domestic ATMs.

Additionally, Air India Express’s introduction of a narrow-bodied Boeing 737 Max offering one-way through connectivity between Chennai and Mangaluru via Bengaluru in the summer schedule has further enhanced travel options.

An IndiGo ATR aircraft is loaded at Bengaluru.
Photo Credit: Gaurav Gowda

IndiGo’s summer schedule also includes two direct daily flights to Chennai using ATRs.

By strategically catering to passenger demand and fostering new connections, Mangaluru International Airport is well-positioned for continued growth in the aviation sector.

Mangaluru International Airport: Gateway to Coastal Karnataka

Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of coastal Karnataka, Mangaluru International Airport serves as a vital transportation hub for the region.

Whether you’re a business traveler or a leisure seeker, the airport offers seamless connectivity to various destinations within India and beyond.

The airport boasts a modern infrastructure equipped to handle both domestic and international flights.

It has witnessed significant growth in recent years, experiencing record passenger numbers and increased air traffic movements.

Key Features:

  • Domestic and International Connectivity: Mangaluru International Airport offers convenient connections to major Indian cities and select international destinations.
  • Growing Network: The airport is constantly expanding its network, with new airlines and routes being added frequently.
  • Efficient Operations: The airport prioritizes a smooth and efficient travel experience for passengers, with modern facilities and helpful staff.

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