Maldivian Welcomes its Fourth ATR 42-600 Aircraft

Maldivian staff with new ATR42-600 aircraft.
Photo Credit: Maldivian

Maldivian, the national airline of the Maldives, proudly celebrated the arrival of its newest fleet member, a fourth ATR 42-600 aircraft.

The aircraft touched down at Velana International Airport on May 8, 2024, marking a significant milestone for the airline.

The airline held a special ceremony at the airport to commemorate this occasion, with distinguished guests, officials, and key partners in attendance.

This new addition significantly bolsters Maldivian’s capacity, enabling them to serve more routes and enhance connectivity for both residents and tourists.

Maldivian Growth Strategy

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, exceptional comfort, and improved efficiency, the ATR 42-600 perfectly aligns with Maldivian’s vision of delivering world-class service.

During the ceremony, Maldivian’s Managing Director, Mr. Ibrahim Iyas, highlighted the crucial role this new aircraft plays in the company’s growth strategy.

“The addition of this brand-new ATR aircraft to our fleet represents a major leap forward in achieving both operational excellence and an enhanced passenger experience,” Mr. Iyas remarked.

“This aircraft boasts unparalleled comfort with features like improved cabin humidity control and significantly reduced noise levels.”

“Additionally, modern avionics and exceptional fuel efficiency contribute to our dedication to sustainability while maximizing performance across our growing network.”

“We are thrilled to welcome this cutting-edge aircraft. We are confident it will significantly improve connectivity and service reliability throughout the Maldives.”

Meeting Rising Regional Demand

Maldivian guided event attendees through an exclusive tour of the aircraft. This showcased its spacious cabin, advanced navigation systems, and environmentally friendly design.

The airline has positioned itself to meet the rising demand for air travel within the Maldives by acquiring this new aircraft. The ATR 42-600 turboprop commuters excel on short domestic routes.

This acquisition is part of Maldivian’s ongoing initiative to bolster the nation’s aviation infrastructure.

The addition of this fourth ATR 42-600 aircraft represents a significant step for the national airline. It goes towards achieving the Maldivian government’s goal of expanding air travel options within the country.

Replacing Dash-8 Aircraft

Maldivian is the airline division of Island Aviation Services and is based in Malé, in the Maldives. It is the flag carrier airline of the Maldives.

It operates international flights in addition to inter-island services. Its main base is Velana International Airport.

Maldivian currently operates a fleet of 25 aircraft, including an Airbus A320, four ATR aircraft (including the new addition). Nine Dash-8 series aircraft, and eleven Twin Otter seaplanes compete the fleet complement.

These new ATRs are now set to gradually replace the Dash-8 series. The fleet upgrade will mark another significant step forward in the modernization of Maldivian’s fleet.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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