Malaysia Airlines Begins Free Wi-Fi Offering Across All Classes

Malaysia Airlines Begins Free Wi-Fi Offering Across All Classes 
Photo Credit: Jacob Jones/AviationSource

Malaysia Airlines has this week began offering free Wi-Fi across all of its cabin classes on selected widebody aircraft that they have in their fleet.

This move is touted as a game changer, as the offer is regardless of cabin class or loyalty tier, beginning on the 1st of November 2023. 

The Widebody Aircraft

The service will be available on 20 selected widebody aircraft and will be slowly introduced on selected narrowbody aircraft in tranches. 

These aircraft types include the six Malaysia Airlines Airbus A350-900s, nine A330-300s and five A330-200s that the airline has in its fleet.

Such an offering will no doubt encourage a more streamlined and up-to-date way of flying both on a short-medium haul basis as well as on the long-haul flights too.

Let’s take a look at their further offering.

The Offering on Malaysia Airlines’ Wi-Fi

The upgrade of the cabin experience follows the airline’s complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi which was introduced on the 1st of July 2023 for Business Suite and Business Class passengers on Malaysia Airlines. 

Enrich Platinum members will also benefit from this. Those are are flying in Economy class will have a data cap of 100 MB per sector. 

The new offering offers passengers including Economy and non-Enrich status passengers, will no longer be obliged to subscribe to the airline’s pay-per-use Wi-Fi. 

Malaysia Airlines Begins Free Wi-Fi Offering Across All Classes 
Photo Credit: Jacob Jones/AviationSource


Malaysia Airlines Guests can now connect their devices to the MHconnect network to enjoy the airline’s free in-flight Wi-Fi to stay connected with their loved ones or conduct business activities. 

Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi, Chief Executive Officer of Airlines from Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) commented on this product offering:

“We are delighted to extend our complimentary Wi-Fi offering to passengers across all travel class; making us one of the first airlines to enable such convenience.”

“In addition, unlike previous data capping, we now offer unlimited data, allowing guests to conveniently stay connected throughout their journey – whether connecting with their loved ones or for work purposes throughout their journey with us.”

“We remain dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of our service is designed to make our customers’ journey as seamless, hassle-free, and enjoyable as possible.”

“We will continue to invest in initiatives that will greatly benefit their experience onboard Malaysian Hospitality.”

Bottom Line

Malaysia Airlines is making the correct move to lure in more new customers and maintain current customers, 

The airline realizes how important it is to allow its guests to stay connected throughout the flight and that free Wi-fi across all classes will attract even higher yield passengers flying with the airline, generating extra revenue. 

With this move may not be enough to be as competitive as another South East Asian airlines, until they have received the newly ordered A330NEO which will increase its hard product competitiveness.

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