Malaysia Airlines: A First Glimpse at New Airbus A330neo

A Malaysia Airlines A330neo aircraft in production at Airbus Toulouse.
Photo Credit: Malaysia Airlines via Twitter/X

Malaysia Airlines has provided an exclusive sneak peek as its first Airbus A330neo aircraft. The widebody aircraft is now beginning its final assembly at the Airbus factory in Toulouse.

The main fuselage sections, wings, and tail adorned with the airline’s iconic ‘wau’ logo are now fully attached.

From there, the aircraft will undergo installation of the cockpit, engines, landing gear, electrical wiring, avionics, and fuel and hydraulic systems.

The aircraft will then proceed with thorough ground checks, cabin installation and prepare for its first test flight.

Once cleared through the air test, the new aircraft will then make its journey home to Malaysia. The first A330neo scheduled for delivery in Q3 of this year.

Fleet Refresh for a Brighter Future

In August 2022, Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), the parent company of Malaysia Airlines, signed a landmark agreement with Airbus.

This agreement secured the acquisition of a total of 20 A330neo aircraft. These new planes are specifically chosen to replace the older A330ceo models currently in operation.

The transition to A330neos represents a significant investment in fleet modernization, ensuring passengers can enjoy the benefits of the latest technology and improved efficiency.

Deliveries Spread Across Several Years

Malaysia Airlines will stagger the arrival of the new A330neos across several years, ensuring a smooth integration into the existing fleet.

The first wave consists of four aircraft expected to arrive in 2024, with the very first one gracing Malaysian skies in the third quarter.

Deliveries will continue progressively up to 2028, ensuring a steady stream of these advanced airplanes for Malaysia Airlines.

Focus on Passenger Comfort

Passengers can look forward to a more comfortable and potentially more luxurious travel experience.

Airbus will configure the A330neos with a premium layout offering two classes and seating for a total of 300 passengers.

This configuration suggests a focus on increased space and potentially upgraded amenities within both the business and economy cabins.

Investing in Growth

The acquisition of the A330neo fleet reflects Malaysia Airlines’ confidence in the post-pandemic aviation industry.

Modernizing their fleet positions the airline to capitalize on future growth and deliver a world-class travel experience to passengers.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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