Lynx Air launches service between Montréal and Vancouver

A Lynx Air Boeing 737 landing.
Photo Credit: Lynx Air

On June 23, Lynx Air completed its inaugural flight from Montréal Pierre Trudeau International Airport (YUL) to Vancouver International Airport (YVR), expanding the ultra-low cost airline’s reach in Canada’s second-largest city.

With this new route, Lynx now operates services to three popular Canadian destinations, including Calgary and St. John’s.

Expanding Lynx’s Footprint in Montréal

Lynx’s decision to establish a presence in Montréal reflects its commitment to addressing the underserved low-cost carrier market in Quebec.

By offering affordable flights from Montréal, Lynx aims to make air travel more accessible to the residents of Quebec.

The airline currently operates twelve services a week between Montréal and Vancouver, resulting in a total of 26 flights weekly to and from Montréal.

This increased frequency equates to over 4,900 available seats for passengers seeking affordable air travel options.

Merren McArthur, CEO of Lynx Air, expressed her excitement about the airline’s expansion, stating, “We are thrilled to be adding Vancouver to our Montréal network today, following the successful launch of our Montréal services to St. John’s and Calgary earlier this month.”

“Residents of Quebec now have an affordable option to fly to three popular Canadian destinations.”


Lynx Air’s Mission and Vision

Lynx Air’s mission is to revolutionize air travel in Canada by offering ultra-low cost flights that enable individuals to explore various destinations within the country.

With a focus on Western Canada, the airline aims to connect communities and provide convenient transportation options for both business and leisure travellers.

Lynx Air believes that traveling should be accessible to everyone, and their commitment to providing a great flying experience at an ultra-affordable price reflects this belief.

CEO Merren McArthur highlighted Lynx Air’s dedication to making Quebec more accessible to Western Canadian communities, stating:

“Our continued investment in Quebec reflects the huge opportunity we see in this market, which has been historically underserved by low-cost carriers, and we are excited to make this beautiful province more accessible to Western Canadian communities.”

“Whether you’re traveling to catch up with loved ones, exploring the cobblestone streets of Vieux-Montréal, or taking in Vancouver’s stunning harbor views, Lynx Air will provide a great flying experience at an ultra-affordable price.”

Positive Industry Response

The launch of Lynx Air has garnered positive responses from industry stakeholders. Stéphane Lapierre, Vice President of Airport Operations and Air Services Development at ADM Aéroports de Montréal, expressed enthusiasm about the new airline’s addition of Vancouver to its destinations.

Lapierre believes that the new nonstop service will enhance Montreal’s offerings and contribute to the further development of domestic air services at YUL. Lynx Air’s strategic positioning within the underdeveloped low-cost niche is expected to appeal to both business and leisure travelers seeking to explore Western Canada.


Lynx Air’s inauguration of its Montréal to Vancouver flight route marks an exciting development in Canada’s aviation industry.

The airline’s expansion reflects its commitment to providing affordable air travel options for Canadians, particularly in underserved markets.

With its ultra-low cost model, Lynx Air aims to make travel more accessible without compromising on the quality of the flying experience.

As Lynx continues to grow its footprint in Canada, travelers can look forward to exploring the country at affordable prices, connecting with loved ones, and experiencing the unique attractions each destination has to offer.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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