Lufthansa Technik to support Chilean airline JetSMART

A JetSMART Airbus under MRO support with Lufthansa Technik facility.
Photo Credit: JetSMART

Lufthansa Technik, the MRO arm of German airline Lufthansa has expanded its footprint in South America with a new partnership with Chilean operator JetSMART.

The new agreement will see Lufthansa Technik provide maintenance repair and overhaul support for the South American ultra-low-cost carrier.

MRO contract for Airbus A320

The contract with JetSMART runs for five years and includes extensive CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) support and Aircraft Engineering Services, such as maintenance program support or modification and component management.

The collaboration has already begun and will initially cover 25 Airbus A320 family aircraft. With the planned growth of the airline, the fleet is expected to increase rapidly until 2027. JetSMART also operates the Airbus A321 variant.

To ensure the best possible service, Lufthansa Technik has set up onsite support for the customer in Santiago de Chile. 

Photo Credit: JetSMART


“JetSMART appreciates the knowledge Lufthansa Technik has in regard to aircraft engineering services,” says Estuardo Ortiz, CEO at JetSMART.

“We were looking not only for a supplier. We were looking for a partner that can support our growth, is flexible enough to adapt to our AOC setup and is providing safe and stable processes.” 

After the first weeks of cooperation, both sides are very satisfied. “Engineering and CAMO are mission-critical areas,” says Christian Dieckert, Head of Engineering Services at Lufthansa Technik.

“We are therefore very pleased with the trust JetSMART has placed in us and, of course, with the positive feedback we are receiving from our new partners.” 

About JetSMART

Founded in 2016, JetSMART Airlines is an ultra-low-cost airline with domestic operations in Chile, Argentina and Peru, and 77 routes throughout South America with services to Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, and has carried more than 19 million passengers.

JetSMART has a brand-new fleet of Airbus A320s and A321s. JetSMART is part of the portfolio of the US fund Indigo Partners, as Frontier in the USA, Wizz Air in Europe, Volaris in Mexico, Lynx in Canada and Cebu Pacific in Asia.

JetSMART customers benefit from an extensive point-to-point route network, including several SMART routes, connecting secondary cities on direct flights in the region and offering ultra-low fares.

The airline is led by a top-notch team, multiple nationalities and many years of experience in the domestic and global airline market.

Lufthansa Technik in South America

The latest agreement with regional carrier JetSMART further broadens Lufthansa Technik’s service footprint in South America.

Lufthansa Technik has a presence in South America through various partnerships and subsidiaries, aiming to serve the growing aviation industry in the region.

One of the notable operations has been Lufthansa Technik Component Services (LTCS), which is located in São Paulo, Brazil. LTCS offers component maintenance and repair services for aircraft operators in South America.

In addition to LTCS, Lufthansa Technik has established cooperative agreements with local MRO providers in South America to offer comprehensive MRO services.

These partnerships enable Lufthansa Technik to provide services such as aircraft maintenance, engine overhaul, component repair, and other technical support to airlines operating in the region.

Lufthansa Technik’s operations in South America have been historically focused on serving a wide range of customers, including both commercial airlines and private operators.

They aim to provide high-quality MRO services, technical expertise, and innovative solutions to optimize aircraft operations and reduce maintenance costs.

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