Lufthansa Prepares For June Launch of City Airlines

Lufthansa Prepares For June Launch of City Airlines
Photo Credit: Lufthansa.

Lufthansa has this week laid out the foundations for it’s June launch of the subsidiary City Airlines.

It is understood that flights will be bookable from today (April 24), in what is an exciting move for the carrier.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The Launch of City Airlines by Lufthansa…

Lufthansa Prepares For June Launch of City Airlines

As mentioned above, flights are bookable with Lufthansa City Airlines from today (April 24).

It is understood flights will begin on June 26, with the Munich to Birmingham service being the first one to launch.

To differentiate from the other airlines in the Group, City Airlines will use the VL IATA code.

After Birmingham, it is understood that flights to Hanover and Dusseldorf will also be on the agenda for this.

A220s & A320neos Will Forge The Long-Term Strategy…

Lufthansa Prepares For June Launch of City Airlines

As highlighted once again by Lufthansa, City Airlines’ long-term strategy will be to utilise Airbus A220 and A320neo aircraft.

Commenting on the plans for growth as well as launch was Jens Fehlinger, Lufthansa City Airlines Managing Director Operations:

“Lufthansa City Airlines is contributing to the future viability of the hubs in Munich and Frankfurt.”

“We are looking forward to new modern Airbus A220 and A320neo deliveries in the coming years.”

“For our guests and employees, we are driving forward our renewal and thus strengthening Lufthansa’s planned growth in long-haul traffic”.


In conclusion, this represents another exciting stage in the development of Lufthansa with City Airlines.

All eyes will be on how bookings will look, as well as how the flight launch will go in June.

The usage of the A220 and A320neo will be an interesting thing to watch within this. With 40 firm and 20 options on order, there is scope for growth with this.

Overall, all we can do now is sit and wait to see what happens over the next few months with this new subsidiary.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
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