Lufthansa increases its in-flight service choices

A Lufthansa flight attendant offers food to a passenger.
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Lufthansa has announced that it’s in-flight service will be expanding soon in a bid to offer more choice, more entertainment options and sustainability in future.

One of the planned improvements will see Business Class passengers on long haul flights from Germany see more choice and flexibility when choosing their onboard meals prior to flying.

In detail, this means that such Business Class passengers will be able to select from one of six regional menus as early as one month prior to departure and as soon as just 24 hours from departure.

The main motive behind this is to better optimise food use onboard these flights and in turn reduce food waste as passengers will have a greater chance of finding something they are highly likely to enjoy.

This will also mean a more relaxed flight for those in Business Class travelling from Germany.

Expanded beverage range

Another improvement coming into service earlier than the changes to meals is an expanded range of hot beverages in its Onboard Delights Service on European flights.


These changes will come into effect from the 1st of August.

As part of these changes, Lufthansa will provide all hot drinks in a new reusable cup made of recyclable plastic, replacing the traditional disposable cup with a plastic lid.

Popular hot drink specialties will continue to be served onboard, but from the 1st of August, three tea variants and hot chocolate will also be available.

Expanding on this topic, all airlines in the Lufthansa Group have set their own goals to eliminate the use of single use plastics and single use aluminum onboard flights from 2025.

In flight entertainment getting an overhaul

In the media department, Lufthansa will be expanding its offering on its inflight entertainment system, with a focus on kids and teens.

In the near future, the carrier’s “e-journals” media library will see an expanded collection of age appropriate reading options from books to journals and magazines.

Already a feature in full force at the airline is having colouring pages available at the gate and onboard to ensure that young kids’ time onboard will fly by.

New children’s podcasts have also recently been made available via the FlyNet portal on short and medium haul flights.

Moving to TV and Films, Lufthansa has expanded its offering to the younger generation over the peak summer months when kids and teens are off school to maximise choice whilst onboard.

More than 50 films and TV programs as well as audio programs are available to younger people on long haul flights to ensure once again younger people are kept entertained as much as possible for the duration of the flight.

Lastly QR codes can also be found at gates and playgrounds in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt and Terminal 2 at Munich, which can be scanned and will allow children to watch children’s TV programmes whilst they wait for their flight.

Ensuring only the best for its customers

It is clearly shown here that Lufthansa is committed to its customers by offering this overhaul in its in flight entertainment options catering to all groups of passengers, whether they be older, younger, economy travellers or business travellers.

Lufthansa constantly analyses its offering of entertainment to ensure that customers have the best possible and most options when flying with the German flag carrier.

This can be adding the latest films to the in flight entertainment system or adding new entertainment features to the terminal experience.

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By Lewis Chesworth 4 Min Read
4 Min Read
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