Lufthansa Group plans employment of 13,000 new staff in 2024

Lufthansa Group flight and cabin crew.
Photo Credit: Lufthansa Group

With plans to recruit approximately 13,000 new employees across various professions, the airline conglomerate Lufthansa Group is gearing up to expand its workforce and further strengthen its position in the industry this year.

Most wanted by the major European group are candidates for roles in cabin and flight deck, technical positions and IT jobs.

Opportunities in the Cockpit and Cabin

One of the focal points of Lufthansa’s hiring initiative is the cockpit and cabin crew. The airline aims to bring in more than 3,500 individuals for cabin positions and around 1,000 skilled professionals for the cockpit.

Technical Roles

In addition to flight operations, Lufthansa is actively seeking around 2,000 technicians to join their team. These technical experts will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning and maintenance of the airline’s fleet.

With technology evolving rapidly, Lufthansa recognizes the importance of staying ahead in the aviation game.


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Photo Credit: Lufthansa Group

Opportunities in IT

As the aviation industry embraces digital transformation, Lufthansa acknowledges the need for skilled IT professionals.

Approximately 900 IT experts are on the radar for recruitment, reflecting the airline’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

These individuals will contribute to enhancing the airline’s digital infrastructure, ensuring efficiency and innovation.

Ground Operations in Frankfurt and Munich

While air operations are crucial, Lufthansa also acknowledges the significance of strength on the ground. Job opportunities are also available for ground staff at the airline’s hubs in Frankfurt and Munich.

Pivotal Role of Employees

Dr. Michael Niggemann, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, emphasizes the pivotal role of employees in the airline group’s success.

“In an industry like ours, success stands and falls with those who give their best every day to inspire our customers. We continue to focus on attracting new employees and being an attractive employer,” he affirms.

It is the dedication of Lufthansa’s colleagues, both in the air and on the ground, that shapes the identity of the brands and companies under the Lufthansa Group.

2023 in Retrospect

The ambitious hiring plans for 2024 follow a successful recruitment year in 2023, where Lufthansa welcomed over 13,000 new employees.

Currently, more than 95,000 individuals contribute to the success of the Lufthansa Group across more than 90 countries.

The company’s career website serves as the gateway for interested job seekers to explore vacancies and embark on a fulfilling career journey with the aviation giant.

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