Lufthansa Group launches recruitment campaign for pilots

A Lufthansa A380 is prepared for departure from Munich.
Photo Credit: Lufthansa

The Lufthansa Group is on a mission to recruit over 2,000 new pilots by the end of 2025 to cater to their expanding fleet of aircraft.

Their innovative recruitment campaign, ‘flybig’, takes a fresh approach to showcasing the multifaceted world of pilots.

The ‘flybig’ Campaign

With the catchy slogan, ‘Pilot – your dream job, just better,’ Lufthansa’s ‘flybig’ campaign breaks free from the usual aviation clichés.

It recognizes that modern pilots are not just aviators but also skilled managers of their crews and welcoming hosts in a truly global work environment.

The ‘flybig’ campaign will extend a welcoming hand to both aspiring pilots and experienced aviators who are looking to join a Lufthansa Group airline.

The group’s cockpit crew is diverse, with members hailing from various paths and backgrounds. With a range of employment models available, a pilot’s position can be tailored to accommodate a wide array of life circumstances and situations.


Encouraging Gender Diversity

Lufthansa Group’s campaign is particularly appealing to young women who aspire to embark on a cockpit career. It’s a positive step towards enhancing gender diversity in the aviation industry.

Regardless of gender, aspiring pilots are required to possess key qualities, including a strong team spirit and exceptional interpersonal skills.

A Key Message: Social Skills

One of the central messages of the campaign emphasizes the importance of social skills in the cockpit. It’s not just about flying; it’s about fostering a sense of teamwork and camaraderie in the skies.

Where to Find ‘flybig’

The ‘flybig’ campaign is being featured online, in print media, and across various out-of-home advertising platforms.

Lufthansa is leveraging all social media channels to spread the word. Ready-entry pilots can find specific messages in specialist online and print magazines.

The ‘flybig’ campaign took off at the beginning of 2023, with further waves of promotion planned for the coming year. It aims to not only redefine the image of the pilot’s profession but also attract more applicants.

The campaign directs interested individuals to the relevant career channels and the website of the European Flight Academy (EFA), the flight school of the Lufthansa Group.

Training the Pilots of Tomorrow

The European Flight Academy, affiliated with the Lufthansa Group, is at the forefront of training the pilots of tomorrow.

Their comprehensive two-year pilot training course includes a theory phase in Bremen or Zurich and practical training phases in Goodyear (USA) and Grenchen (Switzerland) or Rostock-Laage (Germany).

What sets the European Flight Academy apart is its priority status. Graduates from EFA receive preferential treatment when it comes to cockpit crew recruitment by airlines within the Lufthansa Group.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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