Lufthansa Group changes top management

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Two major roles in the Lufthansa Group and Lufthansa Airlines top management will see changes from March, as the Group and airline appoints a new CCO, as well as a new network and partner manager.

Mr Heiko Reitz and Dr. Stefan Kreuzpaintner will step into respective roles, with the appointments taking effect on March 1, 2023.

Changes at the top

Recently announced by the Lufthansa Group, the top management of both the Lufthansa Group and the airline will see changes in two key roles.

Heiko Reitz will become the new CCO of Lufthansa Airlines. Dr. Stefan Kreuzpaintner will become the responsible person for network, alliance and partner management in the Lufthansa Group

Both men attained their backgrounds within the group and airline beforehand, with Heiko Reitz having made several key strategy decisions for network, alliance and partner management in recent years.

Mr. Reitz has further developed the Lufthansa Group joint ventures and expanded important partnerships that the group has had.

As for Dr. Stefan Kreuzpaintner, he has played a key role with his position in the Lufthansa Airlines board; further developing and strengthening core brand commercial structures and pushing ahead with strategic position.

At the same time the carrier was dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, which became a major troubling factor for the global airline market since 2020.

Dr. Kreutzpaintner’s prior experience in sales, revenue and marketing management positions will also enable him to expand the links between Lufthansa and its Group partners.

L-R: Dr. Stefan Kreuzpaintner & Mr Heiko Reitz. Photo Credits: Lufthansa


Harry Hohmeister, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, commented on the management change:

“I would like to thank Heiko Reitz for his professional and loyal cooperation in very difficult times. And I am looking forward to working again with Stefan Kreuzpaintner, who will use his know-how, creativity and ambition to further develop partner and network management for the entire Group.”

“His experience as Lufthansa Airlines CCO will be of great importance when integrating new partners and airlines into commercial processes. I am pleased that Stefan Kreuzpaintner will further deepen the processes between airline and Group.”

A statement was also issued by the CEO of Lufthansa Airlines, Jens Ritter, who said: “Stefan Kreuzpaintner has played a key role in shaping Lufthansa Airlines in very challenging times. I am very grateful to him for this and for his loyalty.”

“I am also delighted Heiko Reitz is now enriching the Lufthansa Airlines board team.”

“With his experience in the commercial sector, his deep understanding of comprehensive partnerships, networks and customer offerings and developments in the airline industry, Heiko Reitz will drive the development of Lufthansa Airlines with a strong focus on customer needs.”

The Group offers a first in sustainable travel

This week also saw that the Lufthansa Group is taking the next big leap in sustainability with a brand new air fare that allows people to choose if they want to fly more sustainably.

The so called “Green Fare” was launched on the 15th February 2023 and is available as a purchase option when flying on flights around Europe and select Northern African countries. These countries are Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Lufthansa Group have also announced that these new Green Fares will be available on all Lufthansa Group airlines, which includes Lufthansa themselves, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Eurowings Discover, Edelweiss and Air Dolomiti.

The airline group has also said that the fares will be offered on a staggering 730,000+ flights per year, which means should at least one passenger per flight choose to purchase the Green Fare, the group could make a serious difference in its yearly emissions.

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