London-Beijing Flights: British Airways Hits the Brakes on Growth

London-Beijing Flights: British Airways Hits the Brakes on Growth
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British Airways has appeared to have hit the brakes on growth regarding it’s flights between London Heathrow and Beijing.

Based on information from, it looks like filed growth plans won’t be going ahead.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Summer London-Beijing Growth in Flights Not Happening?

London-Beijing Flights: British Airways Hits the Brakes on Growth

As per the route development website, British Airways was expected to increase the number of flights between London & Beijing.

For the Summer 2024 season, the expectation that flights would increase from four to seven weekly.

However, it has been reported that the airline will stick to this route on a four times weekly basis.

Services will operate using their Boeing 777 fleet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Not Enough Demand?

London-Beijing Flights: British Airways Hits the Brakes on Growth
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It is unclear what the reasoning is behind British Airways not increasing flights between London & Beijing.

Furthermore, it could be the fact that there isn’t enough demand on the route to sustain that increase.

Moreover, on a speculative note, it could be down to reallocation of flights to other destinations.

British Airways recently announced new flights to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok from London.

This, alongside long-haul flights to Abu Dhabi and other destinations, may prompt focus away from Beijing.

Either way, the official reason would be interesting to see, no doubt.


In conclusion, it is clear that British Airways for some reason doesn’t see a need to increase flights between London & Beijing.

All eyes will of course be on the official reasoning behind this, but the airline has got a lot planned at the moment.

From it’s £7bn modernisation plan to new routes opening up, the airline is pressing ahead with growth.

For now though, let’s see how their 2024 performs overall.

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