Loganair Takes Delivery of ATR72-600 from Jetstream

A Loganair ATR72-600 parked in front of the hangar.
Photo Credit: Jetstream Aviation Capital

Jetstream Aviation Capital, LLC, a leading lessor of regional turboprop aircraft, has seen the successful delivery of an ATR72-600 regional aircraft to Loganair.

The second of two aircraft was received recently by Loganair, a long-standing customer of the lessor, based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Arrival of Second ATR72-600

The first aircraft (serial number 1124) joined Loganair’s fleet in December 2023, while the second (serial number 1160) arrived in April 2024.

These deliveries represent the initial phase of a multi-aircraft agreement between Jetstream and Loganair.

The plan is to significantly bolster Loganair’s capabilities for scheduled and charter passenger operations across the United Kingdom.

Additional ATR72-600s are slated for delivery in the coming months, further solidifying Loganair’s position as a key provider of regional air travel within the UK.

The aircraft boast a fully modern, fully digital 5 LCD based cockpit with ADS-B and optional LVP, RNP and VNAV capability.

It optimizes fuel burn, speed and performance providing operators competitive operating costs per seat and per flight.

Loganair: A Legacy in Scottish Skies

Founded in 1962, Loganair boasts a rich history as a UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)-approved air carrier.

The airline plays a vital role in connecting communities across the United Kingdom, operating a diverse fleet that caters to both passenger and cargo needs.

Loganair’s core turboprop offerings include the de Havilland DHC-6, ATR 42, and ATR 72. These aircraft operate along with the Embraer ERJ145 jet aircraft.

Notably, Loganair upholds a long-standing tradition of serving the Orkney Islands with the Britten-Norman BN2 Islander, a testament to their commitment to regional connectivity.

This recent acquisition of ATR72-600s underscores Loganair’s dedication to continuous improvement and modernization of its fleet.

The ATR72-600s, known for their efficiency and reliability, will undoubtedly enhance Loganair’s ability to provide a comfortable and cost-effective travel experience for passengers throughout the UK.

A Loganair aircraft passes overhead.
Photo Credit: Swissport

Jetstream: A Key Support for Regional Aviation

Established in 2010, Jetstream Aviation Capital has carved a niche as a prominent lessor. It specializes in commercially operated regional turboprop aircraft.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Jetstream boasts the distinction of being the world’s largest owner of Saab 340 and Saab 2000 aircraft. The company operates an associated parts and engines facility.

Their comprehensive portfolio extends beyond Saab aircraft, encompassing a diverse range of passenger and cargo turboprops. These include the ATR72-600, Cessna Caravan, Embraer EMB-120, and Pilatus PC-12.

By partnering with established airlines like Loganair, Jetstream plays a crucial role in the sector. It effectively facilitates regional air connectivity and growth within the aviation industry.

The successful delivery of these ATR72-600s marks a further milestone in this ongoing collaboration. The completed agreement paves the way for a future of continued success for both companies.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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