Loganair Refurbishes Embraer E145s in Sustainability Push

Loganair Refurbishes Embraer E145s in Sustainability Push
Photo Credit: Loganair.

Loganair has this week started a multimillion pound investment to refurbish it’s Embraer E145 aircraft in a push towards its sustainability targets.

It is understood the first jet has already had this refurbishment, which includes upgrades on the aircraft’s navigational systems to fly more efficiently.

On top of this, the cabins onboard have also had refurbishments done, with all 12 expected to be completed over the coming months.

Loganair Refurbishes Embraer E145s in Sustainability Push…

Loganair Refurbishes Embraer E145s in Sustainability Push
Photo Credit: Loganair.


In the cabin, the aircraft has had carbon leather supplied by Muirhead, based in Scotland as well as new seatbelts and pockets being added and upgraded lighting too.

On top of the new navigational systems on the Loganair Embraer E145s, the aircraft already have sensors installed which routinely monitor environmental conditions around the aircraft during flight.

These sensors are expected to also increase the understanding around the effects of aviation’s non-CO2 contributions.

Commenting on this was Loganair‘s CEO Jonathan Hinkles:

“We have been planning the refit of our Embraer 145s for some time now and we are extremely proud to be introducing the first of them into service.”

“It looks fantastic, and I can’t wait for our customers to experience their first journeys in them as we continue with the roll out of the refurbishment programme.

“Importantly, they don’t just look good – they are also doing good.”

“They feature the world’s lowest carbon leather and new flight management systems that will enable us to operate as efficiently as possible, reducing our consumption of fuel.”

“They also carry sensor equipment that could improve the accuracy of weather forecasts and reduce flight emissions, expanding the work of our pioneering GreenSkies environmental programme.” 

Overall, all eyes will be on Loganair to see what other sustainability-based measures they intend on adding in the years to come on top of what they have done to their Embraer E145 aircraft.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
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