Loganair Named Airline of the Year 2023 By The ERA

Loganair Named Airline of the Year 2023 By The ERA
Photo Credit: Jamie Clarke/AviationSource

Loganair has this week been named the Airline of the Year 2023 by the European Regional Airline Association (ERA).

It is understood the event happened on October 11, as part of a formal awards dinner that took place in Innsbruck, Austria.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Loganair Named Airline of the Year 2023 By The ERA…

Loganair Named Airline of the Year 2023 By The ERA
Photo Credit: Loganair


Commenting on the winning of the award by the ERA was Loganair CEO Jonathan Hinkles:

“It is an incredible honour to be named the ERA Airline of the Year award for 2023 and I’d like to thank our magnificent employees for their extraordinary efforts in recent years.”

“We were one of the very few airlines to continue flying daily throughout the pandemic, providing essential travel to remote communities, air ambulance services for Covid patients, and energy industry charter services that ensured the UK’s lights remained switched on.

“It is also very rewarding to be singled out for our environmental innovation. Developing sustainable aviation is vital for the future of our planet and people, as well as the industry.”

Adding to this was Montserrat Barriga, the Director General at the ERA:

“With an impressive overall performance during 2022, Loganair has overcome the challenges of the previous two years brought on by the pandemic.

“Simultaneously, it has delivered groundbreaking and meaningful environmental initiatives, supported social and humanitarian causes, and set in place key strategic innovations designed to secure its future.”

“The airline’s attention to detail, clear thinking and decisive actions have led to measurable positive outcomes.

“Congratulations to the entire Loganair team on this impressive achievement.”

This comes as significant news for the airline as they continue to make waves not just in the UK regional market, but in certain ones within Europe.

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