Loganair introduces new ATR aircraft to Glasgow Airport

A Loganair ATR 42-600 aircraft parked outside the hangar.
Photo Credit: Loganair

Loganair, the largest regional airline in the UK, is embarking on a significant fleet upgrade and investment program, introducing its first ATR aircraft to Glasgow Airport.

This strategic move aims to enhance the airline’s operations, offer greater capacity, and provide improved services to passengers.

Replacing the Saab 340

The introduction of the ATR 42-600 aircraft marks an exciting milestone for Loganair, as they replace the older Saab 340s, ensuring enhanced efficiency, increased passenger comfort, and lower operating costs.

Starting from July, the new ATR aircraft will operate on routes connecting Glasgow with Islay, Benbecula, Sumburgh, and Donegal. Subsequently, from August, these aircraft will also serve the Kirkwall and Derry routes.

Passengers traveling on these routes can expect up to a 45% increase in capacity, allowing for greater availability of lower fares.

Moreover, the introduction of the ATRs will facilitate year-round connectivity to domestic and international destinations, further expanding Loganair’s reach through its interline partners.


Improved cabin experience

One of the notable advantages of the ATR aircraft is its improved cabin experience. Passengers will enjoy larger overhead luggage storage, four-abreast seating, and a quieter and more comfortable flight.

In terms of landing performance, the 48-seat ATR-42 has the same crosswind landing capability as the 34-seat Saab 340s that they will replace.

The benefit lies in the offering more seats on each flight, also bring enhanced capacity to carry cargo and mail in their holds.  

The new aircraft also preserve Loganair’s ability to carry domestic pets on its flights – a capability welcomed by many island customers, but which very few other airlines offer.

Additionally, Loganair’s increased hold capacity will enable easier transportation of pets. Remarkably, Loganair is the only UK operator that charges a minimal fee of just £50 one-way for this service, in contrast to the higher cargo rates imposed by other carriers.

Operations commence July 3

The new ATR aircraft will commence operations today, July 3, with its inaugural flight departing for Islay at 8 am. The flight is fully booked, indicating the positive response from island travellers towards the increased seat capacity provided by the ATRs.

This transition to the new aircraft at Glasgow Airport signifies the gradual replacement of the Saab 340s, which have been the backbone of Loganair’s island services since their introduction in 1999.

While some Saab services will continue until the end of the summer, Loganair will soon bid farewell to these aircraft that have faithfully served their Scottish island routes for over two decades.

In addition to the island services, the new ATR aircraft will also operate on the Glasgow to Donegal route and selected flights between Glasgow and the City of Derry.

This expansion of service underscores Loganair’s commitment to improving connectivity and providing efficient transportation options to various destinations.

Jonathan Hinkles, the CEO of Loganair, expressed his enthusiasm regarding this fleet upgrade, highlighting its significance in renewing the airline’s fleet and securing essential air links to Scotland’s island communities.

He emphasized that Loganair’s investment in new equipment has been entirely driven by commercial considerations and has not relied on public subsidies.

Loganair’s introduction of the ATR aircraft to Glasgow Airport ushers in a new era of enhanced connectivity, improved passenger experiences, and increased capacity.

With its commitment to investment and futureproofing air travel, Loganair continues to serve as a vital lifeline for Scotland’s island communities and beyond.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
4 Min Read
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