Loganair connects Dundee to London and Orkney

Two Loganair aircraft pass each other on the taxiway.
Photo: Ronnie Robertson via Wikimedia Commons

UK regional airline Loganair has connected Dundee with the south and north of the UK like never before with this week’s launch of its new London to Orkney route.

For the first time ever, passengers are now able to fly from Kirkwall to London City with a stop-off in Dundee courtesy of a new, twice-weekly service which commenced this week on Tuesday 4 April.

Via the ‘City of Discovery’

The new same-flight service operates via the City of Discovery, giving passengers the option to split up their journeys in Dundee or stay on board for a seamless, unrivalled connection from either end of the country.

The three-and-a-half-hour service is ideal for those looking to explore the famous archipelago of Orkney off the north-east coast of Scotland or visit Dundee, famed for jute, jam and journalism.

The tourism-boosting connection also offers business commuters a seamless route into the heart of the UK’s capital.

Loganair’s Chief Commercial Officer, Luke Lovegrove, said: “Connecting Dundee with Kirkwall is a logical step for us after the success of the Sumburgh service, and we look forward to welcoming our customers on this new route from today.

After 60 years of operating from Dundee, we are still firmly committed to the city. The new route will extend on to London, providing additional opportunities for those wishing to fly from Kirkwall to London and vice versa.’’


Mark Flynn, convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee, said:  “This announcement is a clear vote of confidence from Loganair, not only in Dundee Airport but in the city itself.

By expanding services to Kirkwall, it will be even easier for people who may not have considered coming to the city before to get here, and vice versa, opening up a previously untapped visitor base.”

Loganair and Dundee

Loganair has a significant connection with Dundee, as the airline operates its headquarters and maintenance base at Dundee Airport.

The airline has been based in Dundee since 1967, when it began operations as a charter airline.

Loganair operates a number of domestic and international flights from Dundee Airport, including regular services to London Stansted, Belfast City, Birmingham, and Jersey.

The airline also operates seasonal flights to popular holiday destinations such as the Isle of Man, Newquay, and Bergen.


In addition to its passenger operations, Loganair also provides air ambulance and freight services from Dundee Airport.

The airline has a strong commitment to the local community and has been involved in a number of initiatives to support economic development and tourism in the Dundee area.

Loganair has invested in modernizing the facilities at Dundee Airport, including the installation of new security equipment and the renovation of the terminal building. The airline has also worked closely with local authorities to promote Dundee as a tourist destination and to attract new businesses to the area.

In 2023, Loganair will retire its remaining eight Saab 340B passenger aircraft, as it welcomes a further eight ATR next-generation turboprops into service in 2023.

The new ATR turboprops will bring up to a 27% reduction in carbon emissions per seat versus the Saab 340 which operate on Loganair’s Highland and Island routes.

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