Loganair Celebrates One Year of Aberdeen-Oslo Operations

Loganair Celebrates One Year of Aberdeen-Oslo Operations
Photo Credit: Jamie Clarke/AviationSource

This week has seen Loganair celebrate one year of operations between Aberdeen and Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

Last year, services began on a six times per week basis, and included a one-stop same-plane service from Newcastle via the Scottish airport.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Loganair Celebrates One Year of Aberdeen-Oslo Operations…

Loganair Celebrates One Year of Aberdeen-Oslo Operations
Photo Credit: Jamie Clarke/AviationSource


To celebrate one year of operations, Loganair gave two passengers a pair of tickets to fly anywhere on the airline’s network.

Services between Aberdeen and Oslo are operated by the airline’s Embraer E145 jet, which seats 49 passengers in an all-economy layout.

On top of Oslo, Loganair also provides services to Bergen and Stavanger, with the Norwegian market proving to be quite lucrative currently.

Commenting on the one year of operations was Luke Lovegrove, the carrier’s Chief Commercial Officer:

“Since reinstating the Aberdeen-Oslo route last year, we have supported growth in the business community and strengthened ties between the North-East of Scotland and Norway.

“These two cities are historically linked through the energy sector but this route also offers excellent connections for tourists heading both ways so it’s one we are committed to and will continue to serve during our winter timetable.”

Adding to this was Martin Langaas, the Senior Director of Route Development at Avinor Airports:

“Loganair represents a respectable brand and product to the Oslo market.

“The Aberdeen and Newcastle connection has been very well received among the Norwegian business community.”

We’re also happy to see that the number of visitors from Scotland to Norway so far this year, has surpassed pre-pandemic levels.”

“Seeing Loganair’s tail fin at Avinor Oslo Airport, is a proof of commitment and dedication to the historic and economical ties between our two North-Atlantic countries.”

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on Loganair to see whether the Aberdeen-Oslo route will continue to provide long-term success going into the future.

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