Legends Airways’ 7th Saab 340B Delivered

Photo Credit: Saab

LONDON – In mid-January, C&L Aviation Group completed delivery of the seventh Saab 340B aircraft to Legends Airways.

Legends Airways’ 7th Saab…

Photo Credit: Saab

Legends Airways initially received its first aircraft in mid-2021. The U.S.-based on-demand carrier operates domestic services across 48 U.S. States, as well as Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

There has been a resurgence in interest in the Saab 340 aircraft and C&L has sold over twenty Saab 340 aircraft, including the former fleets of JAC (Japan Air System) and HAC (Hokkaido Air System), seven of which have now headed to Legends Airways.

The Saab 340 is a versatile aircraft in both passenger and cargo configurations making it a popular aircraft for many operators around the world.

“In all my years dealing in the Saab 340 aircraft I have never seen demand for this aircraft at current levels. There has been a distinct increase in demand for the Saab 340B aircraft with both passenger and cargo operators. This has led to most parked Saab aircraft being restored to service,” said Chris Kilgour, CEO of C&L Aviation Group.

“With so many customers asking for aircraft and there being low availability, the market dynamics have changed. Demand has outstripped supply, resulting in increased sale prices for the Saab.”

C&L Aviation Group is an FAA and EASA-approved organization supporting operators in the corporate and regional aviation industry. It offers mainly aircraft and engine sales as well as leasing programs. Legends Airways in this instance takes up their leasing program.

It is one of the largest Saab 340 MRO facilities in the world and a dominant player in Saab 340 after-market support.

C&L Aviation Services is an approved installation center for TAM Saab 340B Cargo Conversion. TAM’s EASA and FAA-approved cargo conversion provides a cost-effective way to convert this passenger aircraft into a freighter, capable of carrying up to 1,280 cubic feet of cargo.

40 years since the Saab 340 inaugural flight

The first flight of the Saab 340 was on January 25 1983 and it lasted one hour and 21 minutes.

The Saab 340 broke new ground in many ways, introducing new technologies and bringing features normally found in much larger aircraft to a small regional turboprop aircraft.

Using diffusion bonding, the need for rivets was greatly reduced, saving weight and increasing the strength of the fuselage.

The pressure cabin was also greatly better than any other competitors in its class.

The Saab 340 is still in high demand after 40 years. Out of the 459 produced, more than 250 are still operative today.

More than 450 flights/day are still being made in the Saab 340, or one every three minutes.

The average Saab 340 in service today has only reached half of its design life and can fly for many years to come.

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