LanzaJet lands $30 million SAF investment from Southwest

Southwest Airlines and LanzaJet promotional photo.
Photo Credit: LanzaJet Inc.

LanzaJet, Inc., a sustainable fuels technology company, has landed a major $30 million investment from Southwest Airlines Co. (Southwest).

This partnership aims to foster the development of a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production facility and enhance the operations of SAFFiRE Renewables, LLC (SAFFiRE).  

The company is focused on corn stover to ethanol technology.

LanzaJet and Southwest Collaboration

LanzaJet, a leading innovator in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) technology and production, announced a significant partnership with Southwest Airlines.

This collaboration marks a major step forward in the aviation industry’s journey towards decarbonization.

The partnership involves a $30 million investment by Southwest Airlines in LanzaJet. This investment signifies a shared commitment to developing a SAF production facility within the United States.

Additionally, both companies will collaborate to advance the operations of SAFFiRE Renewables, LLC (SAFFiRE), a corn stover-to-ethanol technology company in which Southwest has invested.

Scaling Up SAF Production

LanzaJet plans to utilize its pioneering technology to establish a biorefinery in the US. This facility will be designed to scale up SAF production significantly.

LanzaJet’s technology leverages widely available and sustainable feedstocks, making it a promising solution for the aviation industry’s growing demand for clean fuel alternatives.

Southwest Airlines, as the anchor offtaker for the SAF produced at this facility, will play a crucial role in driving demand and market adoption.

“The U.S. is an incredibly important market for us,” stated Jimmy Samartzis, CEO of LanzaJet. He highlighted the potential of this partnership to “integrate the SAF value chain” and “double-down on the US ethanol, aviation, and biofuel industries.”

This collaboration is expected to accelerate progress towards meeting aviation’s decarbonization goals by scaling up domestic SAF production and harnessing the existing US ethanol infrastructure.

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Expanding the Possibilities with SAFFiRE

The planned US facility holds the additional potential to convert cellulosic ethanol produced by SAFFiRE into SAF.

This collaboration between LanzaJet and SAFFiRE represents a further advancement in the development of sustainable fuel options.

“We’re taking the next step in our sustainability journey,” declared Bob Jordan, President & CEO of Southwest Airlines.

He emphasized the significance of this partnership in achieving their goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Southwest aims to replace 10% of its jet fuel consumption with SAF by 2030, and this partnership is a critical step towards achieving that target.

About LanzaJet

LanzaJet is a leading sustainable fuels technology company dedicated to accelerating the clean energy transition.

It is a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) technology provider and producer with patented ethanol-based alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) technology.

The company seeks to accelerate the deployment of SAF and other clean technologies critical to addressing the climate crisis and transforming the global economy. 


This investment by Southwest Airlines comes shortly after the successful opening of LanzaJet Freedom Pines Fuels. The facility is the world’s first commercial-scale ethanol-to-SAF plant.

This historic facility, located in Georgia, demonstrates the viability of scaling up SAF production. This supports LanzaJet’s ambitious goal of producing 1 billion gallons of SAF annually by 2030.

Southwest Airlines joins LanzaJet’s impressive list of investors and funders, including industry leaders like British Airways, Shell, and Suncor Energy.

Notably, the company works alongside organizations promoting environmental progress such as Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund.

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