Kuala Lumpur: Teleport & SF Airlines Strengthen Connectivity

Kuala Lumpur: Teleport & SF Airlines Strengthen Connectivity
Photo Credit: Teleport.

This week has seen Kuala Lumpur-based cargo carrier Teleport strengthen its ties in the freighter world with SF Airlines of China.

Under the agreement, the Malaysian carrier will give its Chinese partner access to destinations in South-East Asia, with the Chinese carrier offering it’s network into Europe and North America.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Kuala Lumpur: Teleport & SF Airlines Strengthen Connectivity…

Kuala Lumpur: Teleport & SF Airlines Strengthen Connectivity
Photo Credit: Teleport.


Commenting on the deal was Pete Chareonwongsak, the CEO of Kuala Lumpur-based carrier Teleport:

“This partnership is in service of our continued efforts to add valuable third-party airline partnerships to Teleport. We are looking forward to supporting SF Airlines to expand their cross-border product in Southeast Asia.”

“In turn, our partnership with SF Airlines, the largest cargo airline in China not only strengthens our regional connectivity within China but also extends our market reach into Europe and the Americas, connecting our network globally beyond Southeast Asia.”

“This will help us better serve our customers needs, deepen our end-to-end capabilities, and ramp up our ability to scale our business to better serve the region.”

“This collaboration reflects our relentless commitment to revolutionise air logistics in Southeast Asia and beyond – to provide our customers with a faster, more affordable, and uncomplicated go-to choice to move things across Southeast Asia, and now globally.”

Adding to this was Li Sheng, the Chairman of SF Airlines in China:

“We’re delighted to partner with Teleport, a market leader in the Southeast Asia region.”

“This partnership allows us to deepen our network access into Teleport’s wide network reach and frequency into Southeast Asia as well as key Asia Pacific markets.”

“We look forward to this partnership in further strengthening our commitment to continuously expand and strengthen our air-logistics service capability”.

Overall, this is a significant deal between the two sides, which will see Teleport expand its presence from Kuala Lumpur to the rest of the world.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 3 Min Read
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