Korean Air selects Viasat inflight broadband for A321neo fleet

A Korean Air Airbus A321neo in flight.
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Viasat, Inc. has been chosen as the inflight connectivity provider for Korean Air, the Korean flag carrier. The carrier becomes the first Viasat customer in Korea, marking the largest agreement for the inflight connectivity service in North Asia post pandemic

This partnership will see Viasat’s inflight broadband solution installed in Korean Air’s upcoming fleet of Airbus A321neo aircraft, revolutionizing in-flight connectivity and airborne internet access.

Inflight Connectivity

Korean Air’s ambitious fleet modernization strategy is set to bring about a transformation in the way passengers stay connected while traversing the skies. The airline has committed to welcoming a total of 30 Airbus A321neos into its fleet by 2027.

Each of these aircraft will be seamlessly integrated with Viasat’s globally acclaimed satellite-driven connectivity solution.


This upgrade is set to redefine short and mid-haul air travel, connecting passengers between the bustling hub of Seoul and various destinations across the vibrant Asia region.

In a world where connectivity has become an indispensable part of our lives, Korean Air’s decision to partner with Viasat is a direct response to the preferences of modern travelers.

A recent Passenger Experience Survey highlighted a compelling statistic: a staggering 89 percent of Korean respondents expressed a stronger inclination to choose an airline that offers high-quality inflight Wi-Fi.

This sentiment outpaced the global average of 82 percent, underlining the growing importance of seamless internet access at 30,000 feet.

Elevating the Inflight Experience

The implications of this collaboration for passengers are both exciting and profound. Viasat’s reliable, consistent, and high-speed inflight connectivity is poised to reshape the in-flight experience as we know it.

From browsing the internet and engaging with social media to streaming videos and shopping online, passengers will have the power to make the most of their time in the air.

Additionally, staying productive and connected for business purposes will no longer be hindered by the limitations of traditional airborne connectivity solutions.

With Viasat’s airline passengers will transition from their everyday digital lives to the skies, without missing a beat.

Korean Air Comments

For Korean Air, this partnership represents a culmination of vision and diligence. The journey to selecting the ideal inflight connectivity solution began in 2018, and it is now reaching its zenith with Viasat.

Kenneth Chang, Korean Air’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Today marks an important milestone for Korean Air, as we embark on our first inflight connectivity partnership.”

“Our selection process started in 2018 and we’ve been focused on selecting the right solution that meets our business needs and can help us realize the untapped potential of our onboard experience.”

He further added that Viasat’s technological prowess and alignment with their vision made the choice clear.

This advanced connectivity system is poised to play an integral role in Korean Air’s digital strategy and elevate the overall customer experience to unprecedented heights.

Safran Passenger Innovations

The strategic alliance between Viasat and Korean Air was further fortified through collaboration with hardware provider Safran Passenger Innovations (SPI).

This partnership ensured the seamless integration of inflight connectivity (IFC) airtime and Safran’s Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) hardware.

The result is a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology that not only delivers fast and reliable Wi-Fi but also opens doors for direct passenger engagement and an enriched inflight experience.

By extending the digital passenger journey, this partnership promises to redefine how passengers interact with the airline’s services and content, all while enjoying uninterrupted connectivity.

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