KlasJet Forges ACMI Agreement With Marabu Airlines

A KlasJet aircraft on approach to land.
Photo Credit: KlasJet

In a move that promises to enhance summer travel experiences, leading charter operator KlasJet and established airline Marabu Airlines have announced a strategic partnership.

This collaboration builds upon the success of their previous ad-hoc summer collaborations.

KlasJet is a member of the Avia Solutions Group – the world’s largest ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) provider.

Provision of 2 Boeing 737-800 Aircraft

The operator will be leasing two Boeing 737-800 aircraft to Marabu Airlines. These planes will take to the skies from Munich Airport (MUC), operating leisure travel services to popular summer destinations.

“We’re thrilled to elevate our partnership with Marabu Airlines to this new level,” said Augustinas Riskus, Deputy Chief Commercial Officer at KlasJet.

“Following a series of fruitful collaborations last summer, this long-term contract feels like a natural evolution of our relationship.”

“We’re committed to persistently supporting Marabu Airlines in delivering exceptional travel experiences for their passengers.”

A KlasJet aircraft on approach to land.
Photo Credit: KlasJet

A Foundation for Success

Marabu Airlines’ CEO, Axel Schefe, echoed the positive sentiment. “Transitioning from short-term agreements to a long-term partnership with KlasJet underscores our unwavering trust in their ability to consistently meet and surpass our expectations,” he remarked.

“Our previous collaborations have established a solid foundation, allowing us to offer passengers enhanced quality and dependable services.”

“We’re delighted to solidify this relationship with KlasJet and look forward to a productive collaboration that will benefit our valued customers.”

KlasJet: A Powerhouse in the Industry

KlasJet boasts a diverse fleet of 14 aircraft, catering to various passenger capacities. Their fleet includes Classic Boeing 737s and BBJ Boeing 737s. These are perfect for smaller groups, and seat 23 to 68 passengers.

These aircraft operate alongside 8 Boeing 737-800 NGs for larger groups, seating 186 or 189 passengers.

The configurations are all ideal for ACMI leasing arrangements. As part of the Avia Solutions Group, KlasJet contributes to the group’s position as the world leader in ACMI services.

The Avia Solutions Group boasts a staggering fleet of 212 aircraft and offers a comprehensive range of aviation services.

These encompass MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul), pilot and crew training, ground handling, and a variety of related services.

ACMI Operations

ACMI, which stands for Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance, refers to a specific type of aircraft leasing agreement commonly used in the aviation industry. In an ACMI arrangement, one airline (the lessor) provides a complete operational package to another airline (the lessee). This package includes:

  • The aircraft itself
  • A qualified crew to operate the aircraft
  • Maintenance for the aircraft to ensure its airworthiness
  • Insurance coverage for the aircraft and its operations

The lessee, on the other hand, is responsible for:

  • Fueling the aircraft
  • Covering airport and overflight charges
  • Any additional duties, taxes, etc.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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