JSX To Acquire Over 300 Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

JSX To Acquire Over 300 Hybrid-Electric Aircraft
Photo Credit: JSX.

JSX has this week announced plans to acquire over 300 hybrid-electric aircraft, in a major investment made to Electra, Aura Aero & Heart Aerospace.

It is understood the order is broken down into the following:

  • 82 Electra eSTOL Aircraft.
  • 150 Aura Aero Eras.
  • 100 Heart Aerospace ES-30.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

JSX To Acquire Over 300 Hybrid-Electric Aircraft…

JSX To Acquire Over 300 Hybrid-Electric Aircraft
Photo Credit: JSX.


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Commenting on this major order was Alex Wilcox, the CEO & Co-Founder of JSX:

“JSX is, by far, America’s highest rated and most innovative air carrier, and today’s order of hybrid-electric aircraft exemplifies our commitment to achievable, customer-friendly, carbon-reducing solutions that will offer the lower costs essential to providing vital air service to smaller communities across the country”.

“As the network airlines order ever-larger aircraft it is inevitable that more and more small markets will be abandoned.”

“Electra, Aura Aero, and Heart Aerospace are visionary organizations that share in JSX’s commitment to serving smaller communities, working together with us to weave sustainable regional air travel back into the fabric of American commerce and freedom of movement.”

“Aura Aero is very proud to have been selected by JSX, one of the U.S.’s key supporters of regional network development,” says Jeremy Caussade, President and Co-Founder of Aura Aero.

“Era, our low-carbon aircraft, provides the performance required for JSX to bring air connectivity to more local communities. This agreement marks a new step in our development in the USA; we are thrilled by this new, exciting challenge!”

“We’re really excited to be part of JSX’s commitment toward sustainable regional air travel,” says Simon Newitt, President and Chief Commercial Officer at Heart Aerospace.

“The ES-30, with its competitive economics and green credentials, fits very well with JSX’s vision, and we see not only the opportunity to reconnect many regional routes lost over the years, but also open many more new ones.”

“We believe this transformation will be good for the consumer and good for the economy, as well as for the environment.”

“Electra is thrilled to be a key part of JSX’s innovative vision for the future of regional air mobility. Our eSTOL aircraft is uniquely positioned to deliver on JSX’s commitment to provide sustainable access to small communities and large cities alike,” says JP Stewart, Electra’s Vice President and General Manager.

“As the nation’s most experienced Part 380 operator, JSX provides a “hop-on” regional air service that is reminiscent of a time where flying was an enjoyable experience with large seats, friendly service, frequent direct flights, and low friction.”

All eyes will be on how things go for JSX as they begin to receive the first of this 300-strong order in the years to come.

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