Jettime To Support SAS In Summer 2023

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LONDON – Jettime, a charter carrier, has announced this week that it will support Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) for the Summer 2023 season.

In a post on their LinkedIn, Jettime revealed that they will be providing three aircraft to SAS, with more than 40 Jettime crew due to operating on its flights too.

Without giving too much away, Jettime mentioned that it will fly from “Danish and Finnish airports to big cities in Europe and holiday destinations in the Mediterranean on behalf of SAS.”

Not Surprising Given SAS’ Recent Announcements…

Photo Credit: Erik Refner

Such news from Jettime doesn’t come as much of a surprise, especially following an announcement made by SAS last month.

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) will open 20 new routes in the summer of 2023, which means more than 5000 weekly flights to over 100 destinations.

The new summer program includes more than 200 routes. The number of flights will continue to rise on major domestic, Scandinavian, and international routes as demand for travel is expected to continue to increase.

In light of strong customer demand for particularly popular destinations, SAS’ overall capacity to the Mediterranean is set to exceed pre-pandemic levels.

SAS is adding flights to long-time favorites in Spain from all three Scandinavian capitals, as well as a fourth destination in Croatia with the start of a Copenhagen-Zadar service.

The summer traffic program includes a major capacity expansion to Italy. SAS will have up to 156 weekly flights on sale between Scandinavia and Italy, with the new service from Oslo to Catania, Florence, and Venice, as well as from Bergen to Milan.

In addition, SAS is adding flights to existing destinations such as Milan, Bologna, and Rome. Milan will be served up to three times daily from Copenhagen, up to twice daily from Stockholm, and daily from Oslo.

Expansion of European services

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The expansion to Italy also includes more flights from Copenhagen to Florence as well as to Catania and Palermo on Sicily.

SAS offers nine new European destinations and one new domestic route in Norway this summer. SAS is flying from Oslo to Antalya, Florence, Catania, Venice, Larnaca and Stuttgart, and from Bergen to Milan and Nice.

Additional new routes from Haugesund-Trondheim and Haugesund-Copenhagen is also introduced, as well as an increased frequency between Ålesund and Copenhagen – in total providing even better connections in the western part of Norway.

International network

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Adding to an already extensive international network of both intercontinental and European destinations out of Copenhagen, SAS offers seven new routes this summer.

The airline will fly from Copenhagen to Porto, Larnaca, Antalya, Haugesund, Newquay/Cornwall, and Zadar, as well as JFK in New York.

SAS also has a continuous focus on domestic routes in Denmark and Sweden with the aim to provide better connections between the Danish and Swedish airports and European destinations.

The summer program includes additional morning departures from Aalborg to Copenhagen, adding up to eight daily. SAS will serve Aarhus-Copenhagen with up to five daily flights. 

SAS is increasing the number of departures between Stockholm and the largest domestic destinations in Sweden, such as Luleå, Gothenburg, and Umeå.

In addition, SAS offers four new routes from Stockholm to Antalya, Ibiza, Montpellier, and Vaasa.

During the summer, there will be a continuous increase in flights to major European capitals in order to provide travelers with the best connectivity.

SAS statement

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Erik Westman, EVP & CCO of Network and Revenue management, commented: “We are pleased to present our program for this summer, and we are delighted to see a continuous increase in demand for travel.”

“The summer offering includes several new destinations and expanded capacity to existing popular summer destinations.”

“SAS will continue to add to our already extensive network during the coming months with several exciting new destinations. We look forward to a busy summer and to welcoming our passengers onboard,” he concluded.


Photo Credit: Erik Refner

It remains clear that this is big news for Jettime, especially if it means securing a contract with a legacy carrier such as SAS.

Looking ahead, it’s going to be interesting to see how the charter company performs and whether we could see an expansion of that deal moving into the future.

For now, all eyes are on Jettime and SAS to see how their Summer 2023 goes.

By James Field - Editor in Chief 6 Min Read
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