Jetstar to fly direct from Sydney to Osaka

A Jetstar Dreamliner on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Jetstar Airways.

Australian low-cost carrier Jetstar has recently unveiled its plan to conduct direct flights between Sydney, Brisbane, and Osaka (Kansai).

Travelers can now secure over 100 thousand low-fare seats annually, affording direct connectivity between these two highly sought-after destinations.

Commencing from April 1, 2024, Jetstar will operate three times a week, utilizing its fleet of cutting-edge Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

This marks a significant milestone as Jetstar resumes the direct route after a hiatus of 15 years, underscoring the airline’s commitment to enhancing travel options for its passengers.

In a strategic expansion move, Jetstar has not only announced the Sydney-Osaka route but is also set to initiate four weekly return flights between Brisbane and Osaka from February 2, 2024.

This dual announcement reinforces Jetstar’s dedication to providing diverse and convenient travel choices for its clientele.


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Jetstar presence in Japan

Jetstar already has a considerable presence in Japan with three long haul routes already in operation to both the Japanese capital, Tokyo and Osaka. As of today, two of the routes operate to Tokyo Narita airport.

One route departs from Sydney five times a week and the other from Cairns daily. Jetstar also currently operates a five times weekly route between Cairns and Osaka.

In addition to this, Jetstar has a successful Japanese subsidiary, Jetstar Japan, that was founded in 2011. The carrier serves 20 domestic and international destinations in the Asia Pacific region with a fleet of 22 A320 family aircraft.

Stephanie Tully, the dynamic CEO of Jetstar Group, shed light on the driving force behind these exciting developments.

She emphasized how the acquisition of additional Airbus A321neo LRs empowered the low-cost carrier to reallocate its Boeing 787s, fostering the augmentation of its international network.

Tully stated, “This is the eighth international service we’ve launched or announced in the past year and our third new service between Australia and Japan.”

Recognizing Japan as a perennial favorite among their customer base, Tully expressed confidence in the widespread enthusiasm for the new direct route.

She remarked, “Japan has always been a top holiday spot for our customers, so we know they’ll be excited to have easy access to this incredible Japanese city.”


Osaka, often hailed as the food capital of Japan, boasts a rich tapestry of nightlife, architecture, and history. Tully highlighted these attractions, affirming Osaka’s emergence as a must-visit destination for Australian travelers.

She added, “And in return, the launch of this new service means Jetstar will be the only airline to fly from Osaka to Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns – the three most popular cities for Japanese tourists.”

To capture the essence of this exciting venture, Tully concluded with optimism, “Jetstar remains committed to broadening horizons and unlocking new travel possibilities.”

“Our expanded services reflect our dedication to providing affordable and accessible options for our passengers, ensuring that the thrill of exploration knows no bounds.”

Flight scheduling

The new flying schedule for these routes is outlined below:

1 – 7 April 2024 (daylight saving)

Flight #   Frequency   From   To   Depart   Arrive   
JQ13 Tue, Thu, Sat SYD KIX 11:20 19:00 
JQ14 Mon, Wed, Fri KIX SYD 21:00 08:35 + 1 day

8 April – 5 October 2024

Flight #   Frequency   From   To   Depart   Arrive   
JQ13 Tue, Thu, Sat SYD KIX 10:20 19:00 
JQ14 Mon, Wed, Fri KIX SYD 21:00 07:35 + 1 day 

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