JetBlue Vacations renews partnership with Florida Panthers

A JetBlue aircraft parked at Fort Lauderdale.
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JetBlue Airways has recently announced the renewal of its partnership with the National Hockey League’s Florida Panthers.

This time, the spotlight is on JetBlue Vacations, operated by JetBlue Travel Products, headquartered in the picturesque Dania Beach, Florida.

This renewal marks a further strengthening of the relationship as JetBlue extends its already robust 14-year association with the Panthers, solidifying their commitment to the vibrant community of South Florida.

Growth and Connectivity in South Florida

JetBlue’s presence in South Florida has been nothing short of transformative. Since its entry, the airline has consistently provided customers with affordable fares and top-notch services, resulting in a remarkable surge in air travel.

Over the years, the number of passengers flying in and out of Fort Lauderdale has soared, doubling from approximately 16 million in the year 2000 to a staggering 32 million by 2022.

This remarkable growth has not only elevated JetBlue’s standing but has also enriched the local economy and connectivity.


JetBlue Vacations

As part of this dynamic partnership, JetBlue Vacations is set to engage with fans through a variety of touchpoints at the FLA Live Arena, where passionate supporters gather to rally behind their beloved team.

JetBlue Vacations has creatively woven itself into the game experience, offering fans a chance to participate in entertaining themed games during intermissions and enticing them with exclusive offers for their upcoming getaways.

The synergy between JetBlue Vacations and the Florida Panthers is driven by a shared vision of fostering community spirit and creating lasting memories for fans.

Commitment to Community

Andres Barry, President of JetBlue Travel Products, succinctly captures the essence of this partnership by stating, “JetBlue Vacations and the Florida Panthers share a common vision of fostering community spirit and bringing people together.”

This sentiment is clearly backed by action, as the partnership extends beyond the sports arena. The collaboration also involves supporting local initiatives and charitable causes, leaving a positive footprint on the vibrant South Florida community that has been integral to JetBlue’s journey of success.

JetBlue has charted an ambitious trajectory for South Florida, powered by its strategic alliance with Spirit. The airline is gearing up to exceed 250 daily departures from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood hub by 2027.

This expansion is not just about numbers; it’s about expanding JetBlue’s hallmark low-fare offerings and exceptional flying experience to an even broader spectrum of destinations.

By enhancing competition and further positioning Fort Lauderdale as a compelling choice for travelers, JetBlue is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping South Florida’s air travel landscape.

A Deep-rooted Connection

Robin Hayes, the CEO of JetBlue, reflects on the deep-rooted connection between JetBlue and South Florida: “Ever since our first flight 23 years ago, South Florida has held a special place in JetBlue’s heart.”

This enduring partnership with the Florida Panthers is a testament to JetBlue’s unwavering dedication to the region.

As JetBlue’s presence continues to flourish in South Florida, the collaboration with the Panthers serves as a testament to shared values and a commitment to inspire and entertain fans both on and off the ice.

The Florida Panthers’ Chief Revenue Officer, Shawn Thornton, sums up the essence of this partnership eloquently: “The Florida Panthers are proud to solidify our time-honored partnership with JetBlue.”

Thornton highlights the alignment of values between the two entities and emphasizes JetBlue’s history of community service and customer-centric approach.

Through this partnership, Panthers Territory Members gain access to unique and cost-saving experiences courtesy of JetBlue Vacations.

Beyond the Arena

The partnership between JetBlue and the Florida Panthers extends far beyond the rink. It encompasses a wide array of marketing assets, ranging from schedule page entitlement on to captivating in-game features that immerse fans in the excitement.

The partnership is also underscored by dynamic elements such as WiFi splash page entitlement, digitally enhanced dasher boards, LED ribbon boards, and more.

Engaging fans through social media and interactive activities further deepens the connection, making the partnership an all-encompassing experience for fans and travelers alike.

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