JetBlue signs lease for 2 A321neo and 5 A220-300 aircraft

A JetBlue Airbus A220 parked in front of the hangar.
Photo Credit: JetBlue

BOC Aviation Limited and JetBlue Airways have entered into a finance lease transaction involving Airbus narrowbody models.

The deal includes two Airbus A321neo aircraft and five A220-300 aircraft, both of which are equipped with Pratt & Whitney GTFTM engines.

The partnership between BOC Aviation and JetBlue is further strengthened through this finance lease transaction.

Robert Martin, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BOC Aviation, expressed his satisfaction with the long-term relationship between the two companies, stating,

“This finance lease transaction builds on the long-term relationship that we have enjoyed with JetBlue, one of the United States’ most highly regarded airlines.”

The finance lease transaction signifies BOC Aviation’s strategic approach of enhancing their balance sheet by investing in the latest technology aircraft.

By expanding their financing structures beyond the traditional operating lease product, BOC Aviation aims to capitalize on the market demand for advanced and fuel-efficient aircraft.


JetBlue’s Chief Financial Officer, Ursula Hurley, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership and the benefits it brings to their fleet.

She commented, “We’re pleased to strengthen our relationship with BOC Aviation by entering into these attractive finance lease transactions for our next generation, fuel-efficient aircraft.”

The inclusion of the Airbus A321neo and A220-300 aircraft in JetBlue’s fleet demonstrates the airline’s commitment to leveraging the advantages of advanced technology.

A321 and A220

The Airbus A321neo is a popular choice among airlines due to its increased fuel efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and enhanced passenger experience.

With its extended range capability and state-of-the-art design, the A321neo offers operational flexibility for JetBlue to serve both domestic and international routes effectively.

Similarly, the A220-300 aircraft, previously known as the Bombardier CSeries, provides outstanding fuel efficiency and superior passenger comfort.

It is designed to offer exceptional range, enabling JetBlue to explore new markets while minimizing operating costs.

The A220-300’s advanced aerodynamics, spacious cabin, and reduced noise levels make it an attractive option for airlines seeking a competitive edge in the industry.

GTFTM engines

The Pratt & Whitney GTFTM engines power both the Airbus A321neo and A220-300 aircraft, further enhancing their performance and fuel efficiency.

These engines incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovative design, ensuring optimized fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and a quieter flying experience.

JetBlue’s decision to equip their aircraft with GTFTM engines highlights their commitment to sustainability and providing an exceptional travel experience for passengers.

The addition of the Airbus A321neo and A220-300 aircraft, powered by Pratt & Whitney GTFTM engines, reflects JetBlue’s dedication to enhancing fuel efficiency, operational flexibility, and passenger comfort.

This strategic move by BOC Aviation reinforces their commitment to deploying capital into advanced aircraft, while expanding their financing options beyond the traditional operating lease product.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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