JetBlue launches three new routes in connection with the Northeast Alliance

A JetBlue Airbus in flight.
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New York-based carrier JetBlue has announced three new US routes which are due to start during this year’s summer season.

The launch of these new routes is for the most part in connection with JetBlue and American Airlines’ ever growing “Northeast Alliance” Program or NEA.

The three routes in question are:

  1. New York (JFK) to Washington Ronald Reagan National (DCA)
  2. Westchester County (HPN) to Martha’s Vineyard (MVY)
  3. Westchester County (HPN to Charleston (CHS)

Probably the most notable route out of the three is New York (JFK) to Washington (DCA). This route currently sees American and Delta dominating the route with multiple flights a day.

This, of course, is due to the fact its a quick hours flight connection between two of the major financial centers in the country.

The addition of JetBlue into the mix will be able to drive prices down on the route and make a more affordable flight for all. Flights are due to start on the 15th of June and will run three times a day.

This will already give Delta a run for their money as this will boost American and JetBlue’s combined offering to 6 flights per day against Delta who is currently offering 6 daily flights.

The Westchester routes

Multiple JetBlue tails
Photo Credit: JetBlue

The other two routes being launched will operate from Westchester County to Martha’s Vineyard and Charleston respectively. These two routes are both expected to start on the 25th of May and will also run daily.

Commenting on the launch of the routes, David Jehn said: “As we prepare for the summer travel season, we are introducing more choices for our customers travelling all over New York and the fabulous destinations of Washington DC, Martha’s Vineyard and Charleston”.

“These new routes are part of our ambitious growth strategy as we work to bring our unique combination of low fares and award winning service to more customers”.

Overall, JetBlue has made a keen step forward in its Northeast Alliance with American Airlines as well as expanding its presence in the greater New York area and adding competition to existing routes.

What is the Northeast Alliance (NEA)?

The Northeast Alliance is an agreement between JetBlue and American Airlines and is designed to increase competition, create more frequencies in the New York and Boston area and transforming travel for all across the Northeast of the US.

The NEA is not just designed to shake up the northeast market of the US but the wider whole country as well as a select amount of international routes, including some transatlantic ones.

This is thanks to JetBlue’s recent long haul expansion to London and soon Paris, combined with AA’s existing services to these European hubs.

In total up to 60 markets can be reached through the alliance out of New York and 49 markets out of Boston.

As part of the combined efforts of the two carriers, both are also going their slightly own separate ways by reimagining their customer experience right from the booking website to the when they are travelling on the day.

For example, AAdvantage members and TrueBlue mosaic members will be able to receive the benefits of each program, no matter which airline they are flying with.

Summed up, this alliance is simply designed to completely overhaul travel in one of the US’s busiest sectors of airspace and it will be interesting to see where this takes the two carriers.

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