Jet2 suspends flights to Skiathos until 12th Sept

Jet2 Boeing 757 G-LASH lines up for takeoff.
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Jet2 released a statement on the 6th Sept saying they are suspending flights to Skiathos until the 12th September. After several days of torrential rain and winds caused by Storm Daniel.

The airline and tour package operator issued a notice via their social media channels on Sept 6th. It’s currently stated that flights and holidays up to and including 12th Sept are cancelled.

The announcement said: “We are continuing to closely monitor the weather conditions that have been affecting Skiathos.”

Continuing: “Due to the extraordinary circumstances, and with our customers’ best interest in mind, we have taken the decision to cancel all flights and holidays that are due to depart to Skiathos up to and including Tuesday 12th September”

“As well as providing certainty for our customers, we believe that this is the right thing to do in terms of allowing the island and it’s population to quickly return to normal following this week’s events”

Tragedy throughout the region

Sadly at least 14 people have been confirmed to have died in the aftermath through Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. Amongst those killed have been at least 6 holidaymakers in Turkey.


In Greece a year’s worth of rain fell in just one day, turning some roads into torrent filled rivers. Traffic has been banned on Skiathos until the storm subsides. After a good portion of the summer has been spent with the risk of wildfires this is another harrowing example of extreme weather the region has had to endure.

Skiathos is beginning recovery phase

Thodoris Tzoumas, the Mayor of Skiathos, had also recently released a statement: “My beloved island of Skiathos has been through a major disaster in the past 24 hours but I am proud of how our resilience has shone through.”

“How we’ve coped with the situation is a testament to our islanders and to the guests who we welcome to our island.”

Skiathos, Greece – Jun 11th, 2019: Skiathos Airport is one of the airports with a shortest runway. It’s located near the road and beach, so it is a popular destination for lot of tourist that make photos and watch airplane traffic

Mr Tzoumas continues: “We have gratefully received help from the Greek government to support us in our efforts to the get the island back up and running and fully operational as soon as possible. We have also been immensely grateful for all the public support we have received.”

“Keeping everyone one the island safe has been our utmost priority. Things are looking much brighter this afternoon with the huge efforts and progress that has been made restoring roads and supplies to the island.”

Rebooking and refunds for Jet2 customers

Jet2 had already cancelled six flights between Monday 4th and Wednesday 6th of September. They have, however, committed to get all holidaymakers due to fly on those flights back to the UK. Holidaymakers are urged to wait to hear from the airline for more details.

The statements have said that all affected customers will be presented with refund and rebooking options. Furthermore they will be operating all the scheduled flights to Skiathos empty.

This will allow them to position the aircraft to repatriate the customers affected by the cancellations. If required, they have said, that further aircraft will be brought in to allow capacity to be bolstered as required.

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