Jet2 Scraps Fourth Boeing 757, A321neo Deliveries Continue

Jet2 Scraps Fourth Boeing 757, A321neo Deliveries Continue
Photo Credit: Jacob Jones/AviationSource

Jet2 yesterday scrapped their fourth Boeing 757-200 aircraft, as deliveries of their Airbus A321neo and secondhand Boeing 737-800s continue.

G-LSAA was the next aircraft to have it’s fate sealed yesterday, flying from Manchester to St Athan for eventual scrapping.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

G-LSAA, The Fourth Boeing 757 for Scrap, Heads to St Athan…

Jet2 Scraps Fourth Boeing 757, A321neo Deliveries Continue
Photo Credit: Jacob Jones/AviationSource
Jet2 Scraps Fourth Boeing 757, A321neo Deliveries Continue
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G-LSAA departed Manchester last night with the prompt flight number of Jet2 Flight LS757, and left Manchester at 0933 local time yesterday morning.

From there, the aircraft headed down south in the direction of St Athan, where it has been confirmed the jet will be scrapped.

G-LSAA is a 35.4 year old airframe which started out life with Air Europe in July 1988 as G-BNSF. By November of that year, it was handed over to Air Europa on lease as EC-203.

A month afterwards, the aircraft was re-registered as EC-ELS, before being returned back to Air Europe in May 1989 as G-BNSF once again.

The aircraft continued doing stints with Air Europe from September 1991 until April 1998, when the aircraft was handed over to Iberia.

By April 2002, the jet was handed over to Turkish carrier Air Anatolia and then over to Fly Air by April 2003.

Wells Fargo Bank Northwest then took the aircraft back in March 2004, and by May 2005, the aircraft was handed over to Channel Express, the carrier we know as Jet2 today.

From there, it has remained with the carrier for well over 18 years.

The Carrier Still Has Some of the Aircraft Type Left…

Jet2 Scraps Fourth Boeing 757, A321neo Deliveries Continue
Photo Credit: Jacob Jones/AviationSource

With this in mind, as per data from, these are the remaining Boeing 757-200s left in the Jet2 fleet:

  • G-LSAB – 35.7 years old.
  • G-LSAC – 31.4 years old.
  • G-LSAE – 35.7 years old.
  • G-LSAI – 36.1 years old.
  • G-LSAJ – 33.5 years old.
  • G-LSAK – 27 years old.
  • G-LSAN – 29.6 years old.
  • G-LSAO – 23.3 years old (Purchased for spare parts).

As for historic Boeing 757-200 aircraft in the fleet, they were either sent to an additional carrier, such as Allegiant, or were handed over to leasing companies.

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A321neo & Secondhand Boeing 737-800 Deliveries Continue…

Jet2 Scraps Fourth Boeing 757, A321neo Deliveries Continue
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

Gradual retirement of the Boeing 757-200 can now begin at a much better place, given the continued deliveries of it’s new Airbus A321neos and secondhand Boeing 737-800s that it has acquired this year.

In just this year alone, Jet2 has had nine secondhand 737-800s delivered coming from the likes of Flyr (Who are now defunct), and Norwegian Air.

On the A321neo front, the carrier has taken delivery of five since March 2023, with another 46 units of the type due for delivery. Such deliveries are expected to be completed by 2029.

On top of this, Jet2 also has 35 Airbus A320neo aircraft on order too, so a lot of fleet growth and renewal taking place at the carrier over the next few years.

Overall: Sad To See The Jet2 Boeing 757-200s Go…

Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

For those in the UK, it is a sad time that the Jet2 Boeing 757-200s are on their way out of the fleet.

Like with the retirement of the TUI UK 767s, these aircraft have been a big part of the airline’s overall success, spanning nearly two decades.

That being said, there is still time to fly or capture them departing or arriving, so be sure to take advantage of this while you can.

Because, after a little while, they will no longer be apart of the fleet.

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