Jet2 Retires 9th Boeing 757-200 in St Athan: G-LSAB

Jet2 Retires 9th Boeing 757-200 in St Athan: G-LSAB
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Jet2 has this week retired their 9th Boeing 757-200 aircraft, being G-LSAB, via an exit ferry flight down to St Athan.

The airline has been slowly retiring the older aircraft in the fleet to make way for newer Boeing & Airbus aircraft.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Jet2 Retires 9th Boeing 757-200 in St Athan: G-LSAB…

Jet2 Retires 9th Boeing 757-200 in St Athan: G-LSAB
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G-LSAB, the Boeing 757-200 of Jet2 departed it’s base of Manchester at 1415 local time on Monday, and proceeded south to St Athan, where the aircraft has been retired, and landed at 1450 local time that day.

As per data from, G-LSAB has had quite the life, starting out with Air Holland back in March 1988.

It remained with Air Holland, whilst being leased out to the likes of Odyssey International and Sterling Airways, before being sent to Britannia Airways in May 1991.

By May 1996, the aircraft was sent over to El Al Israel Airlines, before being handed over to Martinair in April 2000.

Air Holland took over the Jet2 Boeing 757-200 again in May 2001, before being sent to Turkey’s Air Anatolia and Fly Air between April 2002 and May 2003.

After that, the aircraft was sent to Wells Fargo, before being purchased by Channel Express in May 2005, which then became Jet2 by December of that same year.

G-LSAB becomes the 9th Boeing 757-200 that the airline has retired, with the full list as follows:

  • G-LSAA – Scrapped in November 2023.
  • G-LSAB – Stored in St Athan February 2024 after a January 2024 exit date.
  • G-LSAD – Scrapped in March 2020.
  • G-LSAF – Sent to GATX Leasing in January 2007.
  • G-LSAG – Scrapped in November 2019.
  • G-LSAH – Scrapped in March 2020.
  • G-LSAL – Sent to Allegiant Air in October 2012.
  • G-LSAM – Sent to Allegiant Air in October 2012.
  • G-LSAO – Partially scrapped in August 2023.

It is key to note that EC-ISY was leased from Privilege Style and G-POWH was leased from Titan Airways, so don’t count within this also as both aircraft haven’t been retired from the fleet.

The count continues for Jet2 and the Boeing 757-200, with them now only having six left, with four in active service and two parked.

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