Jazz Aviation recognized at Canada’s Safest Employer awards

A Jazz Aviation Air Canada Express jet in flight.
Photo Credit: Aaron Davis, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jazz Aviation LP, has been recognized as a standout in the realm of occupational health and safety, clinching the prestigious Award of Excellence in the Public Transportation category at the Canada’s Safest Employers 2023 awards.

The gala event in Toronto was the stage for this momentous announcement, where the Chrous Aviation Inc. subsidiary carrier Jazz Aviation LP earned its well-deserved spot in the spotlight.

A Seventh Consecutive Triumph

“Safety is and always will be our top priority,” affirmed Randolph deGooyer, the President of Jazz Aviation LP. He added, “We are honored to be recognized for this commitment and we’re proud to demonstrate growth in our safety programs with a seventh consecutive award.”

This commendable dedication to safety is a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to its employees and passengers.

Colin Copp, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Chorus Aviation Inc., echoed this sentiment, stating, “Congratulations to the Jazz team on this safety excellence recognition. This latest award reflects their sustained focus on a culture with safety at its core.”


It’s clear that Chorus Aviation Inc. not only values safety but also ensures that it’s deeply ingrained in the company’s culture.

Photo Credit: CNW Group/Unifor

Introduction of Mobile Reporting

One of the key aspects of Jazz Aviation LP’s safety culture is its embrace of technology. The introduction of mobile reporting has transformed how employees engage with safety protocols.

This technology has not only made reporting more accessible but also more efficient, fostering greater employee involvement.

This seamless approach to reporting has strengthened the bond between employees and management.

The open channels of communication have become a breeding ground for constructive feedback, resulting in continuous improvements to the safety of Jazz Aviation LP’s operations and workplaces.

The true leaders of Jazz’s safety culture are its employees, who have embraced this innovative approach to safety management wholeheartedly.

A Legacy of Excellence

This isn’t Jazz Aviation LP’s first accolade at the Canada’s Safest Employers event. In fact, it marks the seventh consecutive year that they have been recognized for their unwavering commitment to safety.

Since its inception in 2011, the Canada’s Safest Employers awards have celebrated organizations that stand out for their accomplishments in promoting the health and safety of their employees.

Jazz Aviation LP’s consistent presence among the awardees underscores their unrelenting dedication to safety.

Companies vying for recognition at this event are evaluated on various occupational safety and health (OSH) elements, including employee training, OSH management systems, incident investigation, emergency preparedness, and innovative health and safety initiatives.

Jazz Aviation LP’s continued success in these evaluations reflects their comprehensive approach to ensuring the well-being of their workforce.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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