Japan Airlines leads the way in supporting nature conservation

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In a step towards environmental responsibility and nature conservation, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. has made history by becoming the inaugural airline in Japan to register as a Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) adopter.

This move demonstrates the airline’s commitment to fostering a sustainable future, going beyond the skies to contribute to the conservation and restoration of nature.

Pioneering TNFD Adoption

In March 2023, Japan Airlines actively participated in the TNFD Forum, marking the beginning of its journey towards prioritizing nature-related financial disclosures.

By August 2023, the airline proudly emerged as the trailblazer in Japan, releasing information aligned with TNFD recommendations ahead of its counterparts.

A Holistic Approach to Nature Conservation

Recognizing the interconnectedness of our daily lives and economic activities with nature’s benefits, Japan Airlines emphasizes the crucial role of ecosystem services.

Understanding that these services rely on a stock of natural capital, the airline embraces business models that prioritize the sustainability of natural capital, contributing not only to its own longevity but to the broader well-being of society.


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Ambitious Biodiversity Goals

In a bold commitment, the JAL Group aims to achieve no net loss of biodiversity by 2030. This involves identifying priority areas for conservation and actively working towards their preservation while closely monitoring progress.

Aligning with global aspirations, the airline supports the concept of no gross deforestation by 2050, striving to make a net positive impact and create a society that coexists harmoniously with nature.

Japan Airlines recognizes that achieving these ambitious goals requires collective effort. The airline commits to working closely with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders.

This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the entire value chain’s impact on nature, enabling the implementation of effective strategies to mitigate negative impacts and enhance positive contributions.

Proactive Conservation Initiatives

Beyond declarations, the JAL Group has been actively involved in various initiatives promoting species conservation, tackling illegal wildlife trade, maintaining ecosystems through stringent plant quarantine measures, and preserving natural resources at World Natural Heritage sites.

These endeavors underline the airline’s steadfast dedication to ensuring a flourishing Earth for generations to come.

Japan Airlines sets a precedent in the regional aviation industry by not only prioritizing sustainable practices but actively championing nature conservation.

As the first airline in Japan to embrace TNFD adoption, JAL paves the way for a future where businesses intertwine success with environmental responsibility.

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