Japan Airlines and DHL Express enter contract using Boeing 767 freighters

JAL and DHL officials with agreement document.
Photo Credit: Japan Airlines

DHL Express and Japan Airlines (JAL) have embarked on a new venture, signing a long-term contract that leverages the efficiency of Boeing 767-300 cargo aircraft owned by JAL.

This recent partnership aims to establish a sustainable network that caters to the surge in demand in the East Asia region, reshaping the landscape of cross-border logistics.

JAL Group originally announced the introduction of the Boeing 767-300ER freighter – a dedicated cargo aircraft – earlier this month.

The foundation of this collaboration was also laid out on December 1, 2023, with JAL and DHL setting the stage for a combined business model. The primary objective is to connect key locations – Japan, Seoul, Shanghai, and Taipei.

This strategic positioning aims to provide businesses and consumers alike with a reliable and sustainable air cargo network, facilitating smoother international trade and purchases.


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Image Credit: Japan Airlines

Responding to Global Growth

In response to the exponential growth in cross-border express shipments, DHL has fortified its infrastructure network.

Notably, the recent inauguration of its expanded Central Asia Hub, the largest in the Asia Pacific, underscores DHL’s commitment to staying ahead in the competitive logistics landscape.

The utilization of routes introduced by JAL after February 19, 2024, will further enhance DHL’s intra-East Asia network, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Stakeholder Comments

Yuichiro Kito, Executive Officer, Cargo & Mail of Japan Airlines Co., Ltd, expressed the significance of this agreement, stating, “We view this agreement as further solidifying the longstanding partnership between JAL and DHL.”

“As we operate our own freighters for the first time in 13 years, we will contribute to solving social issues and also position it as the driver of our company’s dramatic business growth in addition to meeting the growing needs of our customers.”

Tony Khan, President and Representative Director of DHL Express Japan, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing, “This new agreement with JAL is an important milestone for DHL as we continue to strengthen our air network between Japan and East Asia.”

“By ensuring the stability of our air network, we can also provide a more flexible and stable response to shipment growth and demand changes, especially between China and Japan, which is one of the most important routes.”


JAL, propelled by its commitment to addressing social issues, envisions further contributions through the maintenance and development of logistics infrastructure.

The airline aims not only to solve existing challenges but also to create new value through innovative logistics solutions. This underscores their dedication to being a transformative force in the logistics sector.

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