JAL Group announces FY2023 winter scheduling

Japan Airlines to debut A350-1000 on Tokyo-New York route
Photo Credit: Japan Airlines

Japan’s JAL Group has unveiled its updated flight frequency and fleet plans for both international and domestic routes for the fiscal year 2023.

These strategic updates have been driven by various factors, including market recovery, changing travel demands, and a strong focus on enhancing passenger convenience.

International Flights: Catering to Growing Demand

As the travel industry rebounds from the challenges posed by the global pandemic, the JAL Group has recognized the resurging interest in international travel.

Both business and tourism customers have displayed a renewed enthusiasm for traveling to and from Japan. This positive trend has been further fuelled by the reclassification of COVID-19, which has instilled greater confidence in travellers.

Additionally, the favourable impact of a weaker yen has contributed to an upswing in inbound demand.

To better serve its customers and accommodate this increased demand, the JAL Group is making significant changes to its flight frequency on select international routes.

These changes are set to take effect from the summer schedule of 2023 and are designed to improve convenience and accessibility for travellers. Notable adjustments include:

Narita – Hong Kong

Narita – Hong Kong route will see an increase from 3 to 5 flights per week, providing travellers with more options to connect between these two bustling destinations.


Kansai – Los Angeles

Kansai – Los Angeles route will also experience an increase from 4 to 5 flights per week, offering enhanced connectivity between Japan and the United States.

Kansai – Honolulu route

Kansai – Honolulu route will witness an increase from 4 to 5 flights per week starting in November. Additionally, the Nagoya (Chubu) – Honolulu route will be boosted from 3 to 4 flights per week.

It’s important to note that certain route plans and schedules are still undergoing adjustments, and a comprehensive update will be provided once all the details are finalized.

The Flagship A350-1000 Aircraft

In addition to the increased flight frequencies, the JAL Group is gearing up to introduce the new flagship A350-1000 aircraft. This state-of-the-art aircraft is poised to redefine the flying experience for passengers, as it is scheduled to commence operations on the Haneda – New York route in late November.

While specific details about the launch date, interior features, and in-flight services are set to be unveiled on October 2, one thing is certain: passengers can anticipate a new level of comfort, privacy, and relaxation within the aircraft’s cabin.

The introduction of the A350-1000 marks a new era in air travel, and passengers can expect an unparalleled boarding experience that reflects modern luxury and innovation.

Acknowledging the evolving trends in customer demand and market conditions, the JAL Group is also making strategic adjustments to its domestic flight offerings.

These changes are designed to align with the recovering demand and to provide greater accessibility to travellers within Japan. Notable adjustments include:

New service from Sapporo

The launch of new routes departing from Sapporo (Okadama) in collaboration with Hokkaido Air System (HAC).

These routes are expected to start operating from October 25, offering travellers new opportunities to explore the beautiful island of Hokkaido.

Osaka – Izumo

Osaka (Itami) – Izumo route will witness an increase from 4 round trips to 5 round trips per day, effective from October 29. This adjustment aims to provide greater flexibility for passengers moving between these two key cities.

Osaka – Kagoshima

Osaka (Itami) – Kagoshima route will also experience an increase from 7 round trips to 8 round trips per day, beginning from December 1. This expanded frequency enhances the connectivity between Osaka and Kagoshima, catering to both business and leisure passengers.

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