ITA Airways Launches Rio de Janeiro-Rome Service

ITA Airways Launches Rio de Janeiro-Rome Service
Photo Credit: Airbus.

At the end of October, ITA Airways launched a brand new nonstop route between Rio de Janeiro and Rome, as the carrier’s international presence continues to grow.

The inaugural flight departed from the Brazilian airport at 1545 local time on October 30, 2023.

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ITA Airways Launches Rio de Janeiro-Rome Service…

ITA Airways Launches Rio de Janeiro-Rome Service
Photo Credit: Airbus.
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ITA Airways will be using the Airbus A330neo for its nonstop service between Rio de Janeiro and Rome, of which they received their first unit of the type back in May.

The launch of this new nonstop route means that there will be a total of 42 weekly flights into Brazil, 28 of which are going to Sao Paulo, and the rest for Rio de Janeiro.

Commenting on this route launch was Emiliana Limosani, the Chief Commercial Officer of ITA Airways:

“I am very happy to be here today to inaugurate our new nonstop flight from Rio De Janeiro to Rome.”

“This is the third long haul destination we are opening in 2023, a year that marks ITA Airways’ greatest growth in the intercontinental market after the opening of Washington and San Francisco in the summer season.”

“Our goal is to become the carrier of reference for the mobility of Italians. Our network’s development has a strong focus on those markets where the customers’ demand is higher and where there is a strong presence of the Italian community.”

“Today with the launch of the Rio De Janeiro – Rome route we have taken a step forward towards this goal.”

The Rio de Janeiro destination is not only playing a strategic role for business and cargo traffic but is also further strengthening our expansion in South America, a favorite holiday destination for Italians and home to millions of people of Italian origin.”

“With an average of 21 weekly roundtrip flights between Brazil and Italy, connections are guaranteed for all those wishing to travel between the two Countries”.

All eyes will be on how the new route performs, as well as whether there is additional scope to expand these flights into South America going into the future.

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