ITA Airways appoints new Board of Directors

A new ITA Airways Airbus A320neo on the taxiway.
Photo Credit: ITA Airways

ITA Airways Shareholders’ Meeting took place in Fiumicino, under the guidance of Chairman, Antonino Turicchi, to appoint a new Board of Directors

The primary agenda for the meeting was the renewal of the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors, whose terms had come to an end after the approval of the Company’s 2022 financial statements.

A leaner Board of Directors

The Shareholders’ Meeting proceeded with the appointment of the new Board of Directors, which underwent a transformation from five members to three.

The newly formed board comprises Antonino Turicchi as the Chairman, along with Valeria Vaccaro and Francesco Spada as Advisors. This strategic reduction in the number of board members was part of an agreement between the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Lufthansa.

As a result of a reserved capital increase, Lufthansa will enter the shareholding structure and appoint two additional members, including the CEO.


Steady progress in ITA Airways’ Business Plan

This decision marks a significant milestone in ITA Airways’ journey. From its inception as a start-up with complete public participation, the company is now undergoing the privatization process.

The company’s business plan, meticulously crafted, has paved the way for this transition. However, it is essential to note that the entire process is still subject to the approval of the Directorate-General for Competition.

Changing leadership: A new phase

Following the Shareholders’ Meeting, the ITA Airways Board of Directors made a crucial decision regarding the leadership of the company. The employment relationship with Fabio Maria Lazzerini, the former CEO and General Manager of ITA Airways, was mutually terminated.

Consequently, all of Lazzerini’s operational responsibilities were handed over to Andrea Benassi, the current Chief Network, Fleet, and Alliances Officer, who will now take over as the General Manager.

Additionally, Francesco Presicce, the Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed as the new Accountable Manager, a position that was previously held by Lazzerini.

These leadership changes signify a new phase in ITA Airways’ journey and are expected to drive the company further toward its goals.

About ITA Airways

ITA Airways is the flag carrier airline of Italy. It was founded in 2021 as a successor to Alitalia, which was liquidated after years of financial difficulties.

ITA Airways is majority-owned by the Italian government, with a minority stake held by Lufthansa. The airline’s headquarters are in Rome, and its main hub is Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport.

ITA Airways operates a fleet of over 50 aircraft, including Airbus A320s, A330s, and A350s. The airline flies to over 50 destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. ITA Airways is a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance.

Gratitude and best wishes

In the wake of these developments, ITA Airways expressed its heartfelt gratitude to Frances Vyvyen Ouseley and Ugo Arrigo for their invaluable contributions as advisors.

The company also extended its appreciation to Fabio Maria Lazzerini for his commendable work during the company’s challenging start-up phase and subsequent consolidation leading to its current successful position. Best wishes were conveyed to all departing members for their future endeavors.

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