ITA Airways: 4 New Airbus Aircraft in One Week

A render of four ITA Airways aircraft.
Image Credit: ITA Airways

Continuing its impressive growth trajectory, ITA Airways recently added four next-generation Airbus aircraft to its fleet within a single week.

This significant expansion brings the total number of new-generation planes to 44, now comprising over half of the airline’s 87-strong fleet.

The swift integration of these new aircraft into service is a testament to the collaborative efforts of ITA Airways personnel and regulatory authorities like ENAC.

All four aircraft – an A330-900 (owned), A321neo, A320neo (leased) – were operational within a day of registration, minimizing downtime.

Fleet Growth Since Launch

“Investing in our fleet, which has grown by more than 60% since our launch, is a core part of our strategy,” said Francesco Presicce, Chief Technology Officer at ITA Airways.

“We’re proud to announce the rapid entry into service of these four new Airbus jets. Our focus on streamlined onboarding procedures ensures we meet safety and regulatory requirements while achieving ambitious fleet modernization goals.”

This milestone reflects the airline’s commitment to strategic decision-making. The average aircraft age has significantly decreased from 12.5 to 8.4 years in just over two years, with over half the fleet boasting the latest Airbus technology.

An ITA Airways Airbus A220 on the taxiway.
Photo Credit: ITA Airways

This success highlights the effectiveness of ITA Airways’ fleet integration processes.

Looking ahead, the airline has ambitious plans to introduce 26 new aircraft by year-end 2024, reaching a total fleet size of 96.

Notably, 67% of these new additions will be next-generation models, exceeding the European average of 32% for new Airbus aircraft in competitor fleets.

A new ITA Airways Airbus A320neo on the taxiway.
Photo Credit: ITA Airways

2023-2027 Strategic Plan

Sustainability is also a key focus for ITA Airways. The next-generation fleet boasts cutting-edge technology and onboard Wi-Fi, aiming to optimize efficiency, enhance passenger experience, and significantly reduce environmental impact.

By the end of its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, the airline aspires to have a 90% eco-friendly fleet, featuring aircraft that consume 25% less fuel and emit lower CO₂ emissions. This ambitious goal positions ITA Airways to become the greenest airline in Europe.

The expansion of the new-generation fleet signifies another major step forward in ITA Airways’ growth strategy.

This move aligns perfectly with the airline’s commitment to sustainability, benefiting both the environment and the communities it serves.

An ITA Airways Airbus A350 at JFK Airport.
Mark Bess, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Established in 2020, the Italian flag carrier is on a fast track to growth and modernization. Here’s a closer look at what ITA Airways offers:

  • Modern Fleet: One of ITA’s key strengths is its rapidly growing fleet of new-generation Airbus aircraft. Over half (50%) of their current fleet boasts the latest fuel-efficient technology, significantly reducing their environmental impact.
  • Ambitious Growth: The airline isn’t stopping there. They plan to introduce 26 new aircraft by the end of 2024, bringing their total fleet size to 96 and solidifying their position as a major European player.
  • Sustainability Focus: Environmental responsibility is a core value for ITA Airways. Their next-generation fleet consumes 25% less fuel, and they aim to have a 90% eco-friendly fleet by 2027, potentially making them the greenest airline in Europe.
  • Passenger Experience: While focusing on sustainability, ITA Airways doesn’t compromise on passenger comfort. Their new Airbus jets are equipped with cutting-edge technology and onboard Wi-Fi, ensuring a comfortable and connected travel experience.

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