Is Bangkok Airways Thailand’s Greenest Airline? 

A Bangkok Airways Airbus A320 in flight.
Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Colloquially known as ‘Asia’s Boutique Airline’, Bangkok Airways introduces ‘new’ used uniforms using upcycling techniques to transform pre-owned clothes into a new collection. 

Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited has furthered its sustainability goals by introducing upcycled clothing for selected staff members.

These moves will contribute to the “Fly Net Zero 2050” compliance through numerous ambitious projects tabled by the airline. The latest initiative of uniform upcycling is one of them. 

Upcycled Products 

These products will be used through different facets of the airline. These include aprons for airport lounge staff, cloth bags, and water cup bags to name a few. This initiative is slated to help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) by approximately 307.44 kilograms. 

Moreover, the award-winning regional carrier also implemented a “Drop Box” project to lure passengers to participate in Bangkok Airways’ eco-friendly journey. The airline will station a box where passengers can drop their used recyclable materials or bottles for the airlines to properly manage waste. 

The Drop Box stations are located in Bangkok Airways Boutique Lounges (Domestic and International) at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The airline to date has not stated other potential locations. 

Photo Credit: Bangkok Airways


Executive Committee member and Chairperson of Corporate Social Responsibility, Bangkok Airways PCL Mrs. Ariya Prasarttong-Osoth, commented,

“To further reinforce our commitment to reducing environmental impact from our operations as well as to the world’s leading airlines’ commitment to achieving 2050 Net Zero Carbon Emissions.”

“We, therefore, initiated a used uniforms upcycling project, where we invited our staff to donate their used uniforms so that we can have those old uniforms transformed into new products through upcycling processes.”

“This project not only promotes the idea of circular economy as we take something already made and then turn it into a new item to use in our business, which is a limited edition apron for our airport lounge agents but also emphasizes our “Love Earth – Save Earth” campaign where we focus on climate change management and waste management.”

“Connect Your Happiness” 

The airline continues to highlight its eco-friendly and sustainability narrative through its slogan “Connect Your Happiness”. The airline’s initiative will be done so by coordinating with different stakeholders in the entire value chain. 

For instance, the uniform upcycling project is a tight-knit collaboration between Bangkok Airways and Circular Industry Collaboration Limited. 

About 15 kilograms of used uniforms were color-sorted and underwent the re-production of new fabric, without bleaching. This will minimize the impact on the environment. This includes the limitation of spreading fine dust particles PM2.5 into the atmosphere. 

Upcycling is a creative technique in the recovery of materials of any make. Ranging from fabrics or garments, these can be transformed into new clothes. 

Bangkok Airways products are gradually becoming ‘upcycled’, with more than 300 pieces of products including aprons, cloth bags, and water cup bags.

This sums up to 307.44 kilograms of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere had these products been made in a traditional way. 

More Economical 

This technique also saves up to 1,826 kilowatts/hour of electricity. Increasing the margins of Bangkok Airways after all. 

This initiative also builds awareness amongst passengers on how waste separation could make a difference to the environment, demonstrated by the use of the “Drop Box”. 

Plastic waste generated by the passengers will be handed over to the Circular Industry Company Ltd for their plastic fibers conversion process. 

This will add value to the trash and help lower the carbon footprint of Bangkok Airways. Mrs. Ariya added: “Furthermore, to continue our “Waste Segregation for Wonderful Benefits” project, Bangkok Airways will set up waste-sorting bins inside the boutique passenger lounges (domestic and international) at Suvarnabhumi Airport in September this year.”

“Then we will implement the same practice at other airports under the management of Bangkok Airways in a later time, to collect more of recyclable materials and reduce unrecyclable wastes”

With the initiative moving forward, could Bangkok Airways become Thailand’s greenest airline? Many Thai carriers are yet to announce bold moves to reduce their carbon footprint.

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