iPhone from Passenger on Alaska Airlines 1282 Found Intact

iPhone from Passenger on Alaska Airlines 1282 Found Intact
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In a crazy revelation, an iPhone from a passenger onboard Alaska Airlines flight AS1282 was found intact after it was sucked out of the airplane following last weekend’s incident.

iPhone from Passenger on Alaska Airlines 1282 Found Intact…


Someone found the mobile device on the side of the rode, still in airplane mode with around 50% battery life on it and even contains a receipt for baggage from the flight itself.

It is understood this particular device was the second one to be found by the NTSB following last weekend’s incident.

All Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9s Grounded Following Incident - Iphone found intact.
Data provided by RadarBox.com.

Alaska Airlines flight AS1282, where this found iPhone came from, is a routine scheduled flight between Portland and Ontario, with the affected rotation being operated by N704AL.

As per data from Planespotters.net, N704AL is a 0.2 year old Boeing 737 MAX 9 which was delivered brand new to the carrier back in October 2023.

Of the MAX 9 variant, the U.S carrier has 65 units in the fleet, with all of them being grounded following the overnight incident, hosting an average fleet age of 1.8 years.

Alaska Airlines flight AS1282 departed Portland at 1706 local time last night, inbound for Ontario.

Moments after departure, one of the exit doors towards the rear of the aircraft separated from the fuselage, causing a massive depressurisation event, which caused this iPhone to fall out of the airplane with the door.

AS1282 was able to land safely after this happened, and the aircraft was subsequently grounded due to this.

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