interCaribbean Airways expands fleet with acquisition of 7 ATR-42s

Photo Credit: interCaribbean Airways

interCaribbean Airways, the largest privately-owned airline in the Caribbean, recently announced the successful acquisition of seven additional ATR-42 aircraft.

Acquisition from Romania’s TAROM

These regional aircraft, with a seating capacity of 48, were purchased from TAROM, S.A., a well-established Romanian flag network airline.

This strategic move demonstrates interCaribbean Airways’ commitment to enhancing its operational capabilities and expanding its presence in the Caribbean region.

The Chairman and founder of interCaribbean Airways, Lyndon Gardiner, expressed his satisfaction in fulfilling promises made to the governments and people of the Caribbean.

With the introduction of these new aircraft, the airline aims to increase its capacity and operational flexibility significantly.

The primary objective is to address the demand for air travel in under-served markets, particularly in the eastern Caribbean.

Following the completion of the transaction, interCaribbean Airways plans to swiftly incorporate the newly acquired ATR-42s into its fleet, just in time for the peak summer season when regional travelers take to the skies.


This expansion initiative is a response to the growing demand for the airline’s services since its entry into the eastern Caribbean market during the pandemic.

With the acquisition of these seven ATR-42s, interCaribbean Airways is now seven steps closer to realizing its goal of increased capacity and enhanced connectivity within the region.

Chairman Gardiner expressed his gratitude to TAROM for their collaborative approach throughout the transaction. He acknowledged TAROM’s exemplary sustainable aviation practices, quality assurance in the airline industry, and prompt delivery of the aircraft.

The strong partnership established between interCaribbean Airways and TAROM will prove instrumental in achieving the former’s growth objectives.

Fleet changes and retirements

With the addition of the ATR-42s from TAROM, interCaribbean Airways now operates a total of 10 ATR aircraft. The company plans to retire its Embraer 120 aircraft by the end of 2023, replacing them with these newer and larger airplanes to cater to the growing regional demand.

The company’s recent expansion of schedules and routes from its Barbados hub has already yielded significant results, with an impressive 83 percent increase in the number of flights and a remarkable 109 percent increase in seating capacity across its routes in the first quarter.

interCaribbean Airways has distinguished itself in the market by focusing on the resilient niche demand for intra-regional travel. As a result, it has become the go-to airline for governments, tourism interests, airports, and passengers seeking improved regional air services.

 The airline’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of the Caribbean region has garnered praise and support from various stakeholders.

About interCaribbean Airways

Headquartered in the Turks and Caicos Islands, interCaribbean Airways is a privately-owned and operated airline. It operates a fleet comprising 50-seat Embraer ERJ145 Regional Jets, 48-seat ATR42s, 30-seat EMB120s, and 19-seat Twin Otters.

This includes carrier boasts an extensive network spanning 28 cities across 17 countries in the Caribbean.

This includes Georgetown, Guyana in the south, Barbados in the east, Havana, Cuba in the west, and Nassau, Bahamas in the north, and interCaribbean Airways serves as a vital link connecting the region.

interCaribbean Airways’ recent acquisition of seven additional ATR-42s marks a significant milestone for the airline.

The expansion of its fleet will enable the company to meet the increasing demand for air travel within the Caribbean region. With a strong focus on providing intra-regional air services

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