Intelsat To Fit Wi-Fi on 95 Air Canada Aircraft

An Air Canada 737 MAX in flight.
Photo Credit: Air Canada.

Yesterday saw Intelsat announce that it has been selected by Air Canada to install in-flight connectivity of 95 of their aircraft.

The connectivity company already has its products installed on 240 aircraft across the following subsidiary in the group:

  • Mainline
  • Rouge
  • Express.

Intelsat To Fit Wi-Fi on 95 Air Canada Aircraft…

Intelsat To Fit Wi-Fi on 95 Air Canada Aircraft
Photo Credit: Air Canada.


In the release, Intelsat detailed which 95 aircraft will be fitted on the airline’s aircraft:

  • Boeing 737 MAX aircraft – the fleet of 40 aircraft will be equipped starting this year with Intelsat’s 2Ku IFC system.
  • Embraer 175 and Mitsubishi CRJ-900 aircraft (currently installed with Intelsat’s air-to-ground system) – The 55 aircraft are currently flown by Air Canada’s Jazz regional partner and will be upgraded with Intelsat’s new ESA antenna starting in 2024.

Commenting on this deal was Dave Bijur, the Senior VP of Commercial for the connectivity provider:

“Intelsat has been delivering reliable in-flight connectivity to Air Canada and its passengers for 14 years”.

“Air Canada’s leadership will continue for decades to come thanks to this investment in 2Ku connectivity for the 737 MAX fleet and the decision to install Intelsat’s innovative multi-orbit service across their regional jet operation.”

Adding to this was Mark Nasr, the airline’s Executive VP of Marketing and Digital, and is also the President of Aeroplan:

“The efforts and the commitment of Intelsat’s team and their service partners made the difference for us.”

“We’re confident Intelsat provides proven technology, an extensible platform and network, and the right vision for the future of in-flight connectivity”.

“Through our Bell partnership, equipment installation schedule, and strong conviction around the importance of in-flight connectivity, we seek to offer our customers the best and most consistently available offering in the industry.”

This is a major announcement for the connectivity company, as it’s products continue to gain global attraction by airlines across the world.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
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