IndiGo To Connect Helsinki, Stockholm & Oslo Via Codeshare

IndiGo To Connect Helsinki, Stockholm & Oslo Via Codeshare
Paul Spijkers (GFDL or GFDL ), via Wikimedia Commons

Indian carrier IndiGo has announced this week that Helsinki, Stockholm & Oslo will become part of it’s indirect route network through it’s codeshare with Turkish Airlines.

It is understood that this extension of the codeshare will become operational on November 23, in just a few days time.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

IndiGo To Connect Helsinki, Stockholm & Oslo Via Codeshare…

IndiGo To Connect Helsinki, Stockholm & Oslo Via Codeshare
MarcelX42, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Commenting on this milestone involving Helsinki, Stockholm & Oslo was IndiGo Head of Global Sales, Vinay Malhotra:

“We’re excited to unveil extended codeshare connections to Helsinki, Stockholm as well as Oslo via Istanbul, strengthening our ties with Turkish Airlines even further.”

“Starting November 23, customers will have access to 42 diverse destinations beyond Istanbul, across Europe, North Africa & the US.”

“Our collaboration addresses specific travel needs – Helsinki caters to the surging demand from Indian students and professionals in Finland, while Stockholm and Oslo open gateways for cultural exchange and bolstering economic ties with Sweden and Norway respectively.”

“As we expand our global reach, IndiGo remains committed to delivering affordable, on time, and hassle-free travel experiences across our extensive network.”

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Growth Continues for the Indian Carrier…

Photo Credit: km30192002 via Wikimedia Commons.

Growth continues for IndiGo, both directly and indirectly, as we have seen through this codesharing arrangement with Turkish Airlines to place it’s code on the Helsinki, Oslo & Stockholm routes.

A huge milestone has been achieved this week by IndiGo as they have surpassed 2,000 daily scheduled flights.

This makes the carrier the first in the country to do this and “marks a significant leap in operational capacity”, the airline said in a statement.

All eyes will be on the airline to see how much further this will go for the airline.

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